Acting & Theater Workshop Weekends: Rediscover Yourself at the Philippine Educational Theater Association PETA

Acting & Theater Workshop Weekends: Rediscover Yourself at the Philippine Educational Theater Association PETA


Morning calls, stressful bosses, studies, responsibilities, stress and more! Your weekdays are giving you an unhealthy routine. You’ve been worn out to the point of no return! It’s time to rethink your daily tasks. Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself and gain confidence through artistic performances.


Workshop weekends at PETA

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) encourages students and professionals to break free from their comfort zones through self-exploration, environmental motivation and engaging in stage play activities during the weekends by enrolling in their acting or theater Workshop Weekends.


Meet new friends


PETA helps you develop the inner YOU

A welcome change from the usual workshops that tackle singing, acting and dancing, PETA is here to expand your mind and talents! At Day 1 of our Theater Arts workshop, I already learned the skills and knowledge of theater artistry through their teaching-learning process. Big “thank you” to our friendly, candid, and confidence-booster facilitators, J-Mee Katanyag and Robert “Rb” Andres. They helped us develop and sustain creativity to empower our self-consciousness, confidence and advocacies. Theater Arts uses creative drama, creative writing, visual arts, creative sound, music, body movement, and group dynamics to help us give form and expression to our inner selves.  PETA fosters both personal fulfillment and social transformation.


Work with teams and bond with new friends



It’s never too late to discover yourself


We all have the same dilemma – how to break our routine. At Workshop Weekends, I met people who were stressed out from work; a struggling mother looking for self-worth; and a breadwinner of the family overwhelmed by the load on his shoulders. Some of us might think that theater is just for people who are already well-experienced in life, who are not afraid to take risks, or those who can express and perform on stage immediately. I’m living proof that this class can fit even the most inexperienced artists. There’s more to discover in you and PETA will help release the potential creativity within us.



Developing team and community spirit


Are you afraid to speak up? I know we have cultural habits and limits we each need to overcome. This workshop aims to build your self-confidence so you can express your thoughts without antagonizing others.



Conveying message and expression through body movement


You have the freedom to do everything you want…. yes really…. ANYTHING! You can be a tree, teacup, banana boat and whatnot. Making tableaus are part of improvisational skills as an actor.



Creative sound using books



Visual arts make us use our imaginations


Showcasing talents

One thing I learned here is that there will always be a parent in us, a child in us, and an adult in us. We just have to know where and when to use these roles in life. As part of the workshop, we work together as a class and embodied the guidelines from our facilitators to work together on one final presentation.

The final presentation is the culminating event where we can showcase all our new learned lessons and skills. It’s also a great bonding experience for all the people in the class. Best of all, this final presentation is open to family, friends and loved ones to come see what you’ve grown into.



Scene 1: Breaking routine on self



 Scene 2: Breaking routine on relationships



Scene 3: Breaking routine in society


Take a break from the stressful work of your life and loosen up through the theater and acting Workshop Weekends!

Back-to-Back Weekend Acting Workshops at PETA! (4)

PETA Acting Workshop Weekends Theater Arts Work Shop

PETA Acting Workshop Weekends Theater Arts Work Shop

 Some photos from PETA Theater Center and Robert “Rb” Andres.


The 2nd  Workshop Weekends will run from October 11 to December 7, 2014. PETA offers courses in Basic Acting, Theater Arts 1, and Creative Musical 1 & 2.

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Acting & Theater Workshop Weekends: Rediscover Yourself at the Philippine Educational Theater Association PETA