Back-to-Back Weekend Acting Workshops at PETA!

Back-to-Back Weekend Acting Workshops at PETA!


Back-to-Back Weekend Acting Workshops at PETA! (4)

Learn to act like a superstar with PETA’s Workshop Weekends 2!


Earlier this year, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) opened its doors for aspiring stage performers through their annual Workshop Weekends. Different people, from college students to young professionals flocked to the PETA Theater Center to enroll in various courses ranging from Theater Arts to the more advanced courses like Basic Acting and Creative Musical Theater. Starting on October 11 and ending on December 7, PETA is giving another opportunity for aspiring thespians to further their skill in acting and theater.

PETA is the perfect company to attend workshops because of its amazing history. Founded in 1967 by Cecile-Guidote Alvarez, PETA continues to develop its breed of cultural leaders as it steps up to the forefront of Philippine culture. PETA has written, translated, adapted, published, and performed more than 400 plays and has facilitated thousands of workshops both locally and internationally. Its latest show Rak of Aegis proves that its productions are a class of its own!


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No experience in acting? PETA can train you to act like your favorite soap star


For the second batch of Workshop Weekends, PETA is offering additional classes to accommodate more enrollees ranging from beginners to intermediate aspirants. The courses for the Workshop Weekends 2 are: Theater Arts, Basic Acting, Creative Musical Theater I, and Creative Musical Theater II.

Beginners may take their first step into the theater world with the Theater Arts and Creative Musical Theater I courses. These courses do not require prior theater experience. It’s more of an introduction for those who have the passion for theater but haven’t really gotten to it yet. Theater Arts is more focused on building a background for theater newbies by teaching them to learn and appreciate the art of theater production and history. It also touches on group dynamics, visual arts, and creative music. Creative Musical Theater 1 provides students the chance to study the principles of composition and organization in performing for musical theater that is geared towards developing the enrollees’ basic musical theater skills.


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PETA also offers advanced courses for aspiring actors who already have experience


For those who’re looking to take on a challenge, PETA offers two advanced courses in Basic Acting and Creative Musical Theater II. Basic Acting provides its students the chance to apply the elements of the arts and composition to give a good performance through their body, voice, and imagination in acting while also tackling techniques on improvisation and text analysis. PETA also opens up Creative Musical Theater 2, a course that focuses on identifying and learning how to make the most of the enrollees’ strengths and weaknesses as a musical performer. Its curriculum centers on the influence of the history and forms of both Western and Filipino Musical Theater styles.


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Want to act in case Rak of Aegis makes another return? That’s possible because enrollees can act in an original production at the end of the workshops


All PETA workshops make use of the basic integrated theater approach wherein they incorporate the five fundamental theater disciplines—creative drama, body movement and dance, creative sound and music, creative writing and visual arts. Not only this, enrollees will be given the chance to fully experience this approach when they perform in an original production to conclude the workshops. Care to act in case Rak goes back?

To enroll, you can just download the application form found at the PETA Theater website and walk in every Tuesdays to Friday at the PETA Theater Center to be interviewed and familiarize yourself with the course you wish to enroll in.


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Back-to-Back Weekend Acting Workshops at PETA!