Got Acne in Your 30’s? Here’s How I’ve Been Trying to Deal with Mine

This may sound petty and so #firstworldproblems to some, but this is a serious problem for me.

See, I’m the type of girl who, during her high school years, only got maybe one or two pimples a year – usually smack in the middle of my nose or in the middle of my forehead; but, since they only ever appeared once or twice a year, I never complained about them.

Strangely enough, though, now that I am almost 30, my forehead suddenly literally looks like a Magnum Almond ice cream bar:

Magnum White Almond

Yes, my entire forehead is filled with pimples ala Magnum Almond and I have no idea why. I haven’t been using any strange products on my face, I haven’t been taking any new supplements, I’m not under any severe stress nor am I doing a Benjamin Button and ageing backwards back into teenagedom (though I wish that was the case).

Being new to this, I tried to deal with it in ways that slightly showcase how much of a noob I am in this department:

I put on extra layers of makeup.

It is important to note that I don’t really put on a lot of makeup, in general. Just some foundation and lipstick, and I’m good to go. Now, I find myself putting on layer after layer of foundation and more foundation and powder and more powder and I even touch up during the day – something that I never used to do. Basically, this is how I feel by the end of it all:


Let’s not forget that putting on so much makeup during the day has probably only made matters worse. What can I say, though? Acne has made me incredibly self-conscious of myself, and I never knew I could feel so self-conscious and helpless nearing 30.

Filter, filter and filter some more.

I never used to use filters or edit my selfies a lot, either, and now I find myself obsessively tinkering with my photos until all my forehead acne is less visible. What a life.

I wore a cap everywhere.


The breakouts are intense – so intense that sometimes, makeup doesn’t cut it anymore. On those days, I wear caps. So, if you see me around in a cap somewhere, alam na. Sadly, in this Manila heat, caps = sweat, more heat and, in turn, more pimples. So, while they serve as a great temporary solution for indoor wear, they aren’t much help in the long run in the big, bad sweltering outdoor heat of Manila.

I’ve debated using band-aids or glitter stickers.

On the night picture above, one of our interns was there with a band-aid on his cheek. Turns out he was covering up a pimple. I seriously debated doing the same, but then I realised I’d need an entire mesh cover thing to cover my face and would look like half a mummy. Heck, I even considered this:


I tried taking better care of my face.

It’s not like I ever neglected my face per se. I just used to live the makeup-remover-and-water-after-a-long-day route. However, then I found myself buying toner and peppermint face cream to dry up pimples and all sorts of weird things simply didn’t make my condition any better.

I went for facials every few weeks.

I visited several facial care centers and got facials that were designed to dry up acne and help get rid of acne spots. This went on for months… but nothing worked.

I tried acne supplements.

I then ended up spending a lot of money on acne supplements and – I have to give it to them – this actually worked. Two weeks in and I could see my face getting clearer. No new acne had popped up and I was happy. I guess targeting the problem from the inside is actually very effective. Sadly, the price tag of Php1,260 a bottle (a bottle lasts two weeks) didn’t make my wallet very happy, so I had to stop taking the supplements eventually – and, as bad luck would have it, the acne returned just as quickly.

Where am I going from here?

Since I noticed that targeting the problem from the inside was proving to be very effective, I did some research and found out that vitamin E is actually a very effective way to clear up and brighten the skin, reduce acne scars and help the skin recover. How true is this? Honestly, I have yet to find out. I shall be starting my vitamin E journey tomorrow with a supplement called Vita E from ATC Healthcare:


Apparently, you just have to take one or two capsules a day (I’ll be taking two because I’m desperate) and you should be able to see results pretty soon. How soon is remain to be seen, but will definitely keep you updated on this. Feel free to like my Facebook page (When in Manila Angeline) to read more about my journey. And oh, if you have any tips that have worked for you in terms of clearing up acne; please, please, PLEASE do let me know!!!