Acads Before Lakads? Nope, Here’s How You Can Pull Off the ‘Acads WITH Lakads’

Written by Angela Cortero

Head’s up, kids. It’s definitely not true that you can’t juggle in some work intermissions by “making gala” a few times a week along with your academic and extracurricular career. In fact, throwing in a decent amount of fun-time with your besties is the way to go!

Certainly, you won’t be screwed for detaching yourself from that hefty workload once in a while; it’s only your God-given right to take a good breather. With all the strain and tension that comes with hellacious academic demands, it’s only healthy that you get a stress-relieving break through recreational activities and blood-pumping night-outs with friends.

With that said, here are five crucial points that come with balancing academic and social priorities.

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5. Major assignments and performance tasks should be taken seriously, not tossed to the corner for a never-ending delay.

The continuous postponement of that daunting amount of workload will only boost your inefficiency. The common flaw that comes with the notion of putting school-related duties above enjoyment is the tendency to push efforts and capabilities over the limit. Admittedly, everyone’s been on the brink of giving up, and the best way to increase motivation is to unwind. So brush off that perception and walk the talk: “acads with lakads”, and you’ll find yourself to be on a whole other level!

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4. Recognize the fact that going on lakads during school days won’t jeopardize the goals you’re aiming for, and loosening up a bit as well as squeezing in some R&R is a right course of action to improve your work habits.

This particular lifestyle even helps develop your time management by giving you a challenging yet exciting agenda, and helps increase your responsibility through remaining critically mindful of your actions and priorities. Both of which are very crucial attributes to obtain and exhibit on a real-world basis. Just remember to stay motivated and maintain your focus, keeping in mind that these are formative years. Never let your guard down even when you’re having the time of your life.


3. Additionally, create a schedule that will help you manage your time efficiently and set a timeframe that prioritizes both work and fun as this will ensure that you don’t fall behind on both academics and social life.

Finally, with this daily grind, never fail to reward yourself at the end of the day through whatever means you find enjoyable and appealing.


2. You best get some assignments done during days that are set solely on work.

Just lessen the slacking—this way you don’t have to sacrifice going out with friends when they make plans, or sacrifice your work for the sake of going out. If you make a conscious effort to follow a loosely structured weekday, you’ll rarely miss out on anything and your academic work won’t have to suffer! A lot of the time, students realize that they’ve spent weeks doing the bare minimum and later on have only a few days to accomplish a month’s worth of load. Taking both ends to the extremes is a rough ride for anybody, but finding a happy medium that gets to balance all that is what makes a student feel real good at the end of the day.

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1. It’s difficult to keep sane when you only remain in one place.

Do you feel like you’re just following an endless and repetitive cycle like a robot set to conform with stringent regulations? Yeah, no thanks. Apart from straying from a ceaseless pattern, it’s always good to explore these diverse pastimes and festivities in order to further identify your true passion.

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