8 Kinds of Teachers You Will Find in Your Local High School

Written by Trisha So

Now that classes have resumed, truly any student continues to identify the feeling of dread rumbling within at the thought of being faced with overwhelming lessons and torturous quizzes. But along with the bad, come banter shared with the class, juicy tsismis, and lots more to look forward to!

More often than not, however, students forget the very people who sacrifice their own breaks and tire day and night to provide quality education for them. Who are these people?

The following is a list of the different kinds of teachers you will find in your local high school.

8. The Scary Teacher

She is the teacher you see in your dreams–or nightmares, rather. One time, you dropped a pen, and you felt her ears twitch, and you knew, in that moment, you were to be reprimanded about being careful and considerate of your classmates, or you were going to die. You weren’t very sure. Her voice is sharp, and her eyes are sharper. You fear that she knows. (What does she know, you ask? Everything.)

7. The Mother Figure

You scraped your knee in P.E. class once, and for the rest of the school year, your teacher personally brought to you all the requirements in class. Her voice is warm and sweet like freshly-baked cookies, and her touch is soft like cotton candy. You may have mistakenly called her mom onceand no one even laughed, because it is just so true.

6. The Nerd

Do you remember all the quizzes wherein Sasuke would buy 60 watermelons or Levi would pour 40mL of HCl into an empty beaker? This is the teacher responsible for that. If you’ve had Lee Min Ho or Super Junior flashed on screen, then the secret’s out: your teacher is a nerd.

5. The One Who’s Quite Lost

“Any questions?” Your teacher asks. “What are the implications of this occurrence with regards to the Laws of Thermodynamics?” You shoot. “Good question! I will get back to that,” your teacher responds with glee. Yet he does not answer. He never answers. Perhaps, he could pass as a student.

4. The One With Bad Attendance

You walk into class, and your teacher is at the teacher’s table. He begins his class by saying, “Where did we end?” The resident matino student raises his hand, “We have yet to discuss the course outline.”

You’ve never met this teacher;  he has been absent for three weeks.

3. That One Teacher With A LOT of Kwento

Admittedly, you aren’t sure how the discussion regarding Pokémon-based diets began in class, but you do know that your teacher has a lot of stories to tell. From catching Britney Spears live in Manila to having a candlelit dinner for one in Paris, he has done everything except perhaps find a solid love life. #TeamSawi

2. The Fresh Grad Everyone Aspires to Be

You have never met anyone more outstanding in their chosen field than your teacher. Imagine this: at age 23, she is moderating the student body that creates the school newspaper. She speaks with utter professionalism, and you have never witnessed her make a typographical error in this life. You even post a Snap Story of her perfect handwriting with the caption #goals because seriously? Goals.

1. The CNB

There must be a reason everyone seems to listen more attentively in this particular class. Your teacher is a total CNB–crush ng bayan.  His voice is honey to the ears, his skin is smooth, and he has more charms than all of the Disney Princes combined. On top of that, you are certain he spends his free time cooking meals for the starving children outside school.

All these people do have only one goal: to give you the best education possible for a bright future ahead! Though their nagging, at times, may seem to last forever, keep in mind that it is a manifestation of their love, and it is that same love and respect which must be given back to them.

Have you encountered these teachers yet? Tell us in the comments!


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