A Taste of Santorini & Balesin on A Budget : Camp Netanya, Anilao Batangas


When In Manila, you can get a taste of the luxury of Santorini and Balesin just in Anilao Batangas.  With Santorini on the bucket lists of many and Balesin all the buzz right now, what would it feel like if you got a slice of that even for an overnight weekend at lesser cost?



You don’t have to spend a lot to get that in Camp Netanya. Situated in Anilao, the unassuming facade opens up to a refreshing experience.  Anilao is most commonly known for its dive spots, and tropical themed resorts abound the area.  But what if you’re not a diver and just want a weekend getaway where you can bask in the scenic sunsets and views this side of the ocean. 



And when I say the sunset there is amazing… it really is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


They sky there is pretty much awesome anytime of the day or night.


Photo by Ej Lagrimas



Photo by Ej Lagrimas



Photo by Ej Lagrimas


We went there with families and friends.  Its a really nice place for kids too.  The kid basking in the kiddie pool below like there’s no reading and preschool classes is my son.





There are only 10 available rooms so you can expect a pretty much quiet getaway.





The rooms are really nice and so are the bathrooms.  If you’re looking to stay in the whole weekend, the rooms are perfect for relaxing too.



What I liked most was when you look outside the windows you can get a view like this.


Or this (from the common dining area).


You can kayak – free of use along with pedal boat and use or snorkeling gears.




Don’t expect a beach front here though – since this is Anilao, the beaches around are generally rocky.  So its the resort and sea right away.

Other things to do in Anilao is to island hop, trek, dive / snorkel – which could pretty much fill up your day. 

Breakfast is exclusive in the resort, though we were able to bring lunch & have some fish grilled for dinner.

We loved the pool…


…and the views all around.


Definitely a place to relax this summer!  The place is unfinished up at the entrance, but the poolside and accommodations are well setup and maintained for a refreshing Santorini-ish experience.


Room rates : Php 5,000 for double occupancy (breakfast not yet included). Maximum of 3 persons per room. 

Check-in time 11am, check-out 12pm the next day.

When in the Philippines, experiencing a luxurious getaway need not come with a high price tag.


Camp Netanya

Anilao, Batangas

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