A Sweet List of Favorite Treats at Crumbs List Pastry Depot

When in Manila and you happen to be looking for sweet treats for your cravings or for someone special (but you’re in a hurry) then Crumbs List Pastry Depot is the right place to drop by. It’s a grab n’ go pastry shop where you can find some of the best tasting cupcakes, tarts, cakes, and more for people with sweet tooth!

crumbslist_facadeCrumbs List is just beside St Ignatius Village!

Located just beside St Ignatius Village (you really can’t miss it!) along Katipunan Extension, White Plains, Quezon City, this pastry depot opened September 2014.  It houses some of the best pastry products from different home bakers in Metro Manila which you can purchase for very reasonable prices.

So, are you craving for anything sweet now? Let’s check what’s on the Crumbs List!

3. Mouth watering cupcakes


crumbslist_cupcakes_3Top 1: Sweet and gooey cupcakes!

Whenever I crave anything sweet, a cupcake is definitely (and always) on top of my mind. At Crumbs List, you can choose from the gooey cupcakes they offer: Chocolate Cheesecake Cups (P90), Chocolate Yema (P75), Smores (my favorite at P75), Blueberry Cheesecake (P90), and Salted Caramel Cheesecake (P90). People who have sweet tooth like me can never go wrong with these cupcakes oozing with creamy and chunky toppings! Very yummy!


2. Luscious cakes

crumbslist_cakes_3crumbslist_cakes_4Mango Chocolate Cheesecake on the left, Swiss Chocolate Cake on your right.

crumbslist_cakes_2Crumbs List’s best seller: The Torta de Torrejon! 

Cakes, anyone? This pastry depot will never run out of sweet and chunky treats stuffed in layers of fruits, nuts, or the best chocolates in town! If you’re a fruit lover, try their Mango Chocolate Cheesecake (P1,400 – whole, P170 – solo). For a more chocolatey cake wrapped in swiss choco goodness, then the Swiss Chocolate Cake (P930 – whole, P105 – solo) is the heavenly choice! Lastly, we go to their best selling cake. Surprisingly, the best sans rival cake I’ve had. It’s called  the Torta de Torrejon made up of sans rival layers sandwiching some Brazo de Mercedes filling in between! Balancing its sweetness are chopped pistachio nuts that you’ll love in every bite. Drooling, isn’t it?

1. Chunky cookies and other favorite pastries

crumbslist_cookies_3Baked Goodies! (From L-R): Almond Cheesecake Cookies; Best Seller Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

crumbslist_cookies_1_crClassic Chocolate Chip Cookies

crumbslist_pastry_1The sweetest squares ever: Rocky Road Fudge

When I say chunky cookie or pastry, it really is!! Cookie lovers will not leave the store empty handed. Go ahead and choose from the following bag of cookies from Crumbs List:

  • Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies (6 pcs – P160)
  • Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies (12 pcs – P300)
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies (6 pcs – P160)
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies (12 pcs – P300)
  • Nutella and Sea Salt Cookies (6 pcs – P180)
  • Nutella and Sea Salt Cookies (12 pcs – P320)
  • Almond Cheesecake Cookies (6 pcs – P180)

They also have these cute chocolate squares called Rocky Road Fudge (5 pcs – P200) best with coffee or tea. Their best seller, though, are the Oreo Cheesecake Cookies (6 pcs – P160). It’s an overflow of baked goodies and I love it! 

crumbslist_tart_1Nutella-mazing! Another best seller is the Banana Nutella Cookie Tart 🙂

Wait, there’s ONE more–their best selling pastry contains an all-time-favorite dessert ingredient: NUTELLA! You must take home their super chunky Banana Nutella Cookie Tart (4 pcs – P250) if you’re a certified Nutella, banana, and cookie lover rolled into one! Nutella-mazing!

Heading now to Crumbs List? You may want to place your orders first so that you can just pick up your desired pastries by contacting 0917.528.8285 through Viber/Whatsapp. They also accept customized cake orders, so get all your sweet cravings and surprises in this one stop pastry depot! They also have a 5% ZAP cash back for a minimum purchase of P300, so better register at www.zap.com!



Crumbs List Pastry Depot
130 Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignatius Village, Quezon City (beside St. Ignatius Village gate)
Operating hours: 11AM-7PM (Mondays-Saturdays)
Instagram: CrumbsList



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