A Sad Reality of the OFW Life: Not Really What Most Expect

Let’s face it, the Philippine economy is not really the best there is. With high taxes and low wages, Filipinos can’t help but go overseas to find better job opportunities to support their families. However, there seems to be this unspoken belief that when someone goes abroad, he/she is automatically rich and living the good life. While that may be true for some, it’s not always the case.

Jazmen C. shares a photo of a fellow Filipino trying to eat a decent meal while on the streets of Kuwait.

OFW eating on the Streets

“Sobra po ako naiyak at nakaramdam ng awa sa kababayan ko dto sa Kuwait nang mkita ko na gin post ito. Si kuya kumain ng kubos sa daan.
Akala nila pag nasa abroad ka mabuti lang lahat ang buhay dito. Hindi nila alam kung anong hirap ang mararanas mapkain lang ang familya sa Pilipinas. Pero ang iba, inaabuso lang ng mga asawa nila sa walang kwenta na mga bagay.
Nakakaiyak talaga si kuya at nakakaawa. God bless kuya ingat palagi. May awa ang Diyos sa atin. Mabuti nalang hindi ako nakaranas katulad niyan.God bless you”


Rough English Translation:

“This really made me cry and pity my fellow Filipino here in Kuwait when I saw it. This man was just eating his meal by the road. They think that when you’re living abroad, everything is well and good. They don’t know the difficulty we have to go through just to be able to feed our families in the Philippines. But others would even abuse their partners over useless matters. This really made me cry and feel so much pity. God bless you sir. The Lord have mercy on us. I’m thankful I have not yet gone through a similar experience. God bless you.”


It saddens us as well to know that people go abroad to work for their families and yet go through a more difficult time just for a little extra cash. This can’t be the norm. There has to be something better for Filipinos.

What do you guys think of this?