A Revolutionary Way to Shop!

Shop at any mall without leaving your home with Mymall. Download it to your mobile phone now from both Apple’s app store and Google Play. Mymall is the Philippines ’ first quick commerce company, the name given to the next generation of e-commerce that concentrates on fulfilling orders extremely fast, often in 30 minutes or less. Though quick commerce startups such as Delivery Hero and Instacart are already thriving in markets abroad, Mymall is really the first of its kind in the Philippines.

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Convenience For Everyone

Shopping from a variety of malls such as SM Supermalls, Ayala Malls, Robinsons, Waltermart, and many more has never been so easy. Just a few clicks and customers can shop, pay, and get their items delivered to their doorsteps in minutes. “With Mymall, customers connect with a professional shopper that can pick up items from as many stores as they want,” said Shahab Shabibi, the co-founder of Mymall. “In one go, you can have a few groceries, and that bubble tea you’ve been craving for, picked up and brought straight to you. It’s really as if you went to the mall yourself, except you’re doing it from the comfort of your own home.” Convenience and a wide range of options are not the only features that help Mymall stand out from others. Unlike other personal shopping or delivery apps, they guarantee that there are no hidden prices or mark-ups—the prices of items are exactly as they are in stores. This stands in stark contrast to other apps where mark-ups are usually applied to items, often without customers’ knowledge. Also,  users will only have to pay a single delivery fee for the app’s services. According to Shabibi, Mymall’s low prices make it so that the app is truly for everyone to use.  “The low prices mean anyone can benefit from mymall. We will expand access to e-commerce so that everyone benefits from the convenience and safety of shopping online,” Shabibi said. “We’ve all had to get something from the mall at some point.  Mymall gives all Filipinos another safe, efficient way to do that.”

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Next Level Service

Mymall users benefit from their partnerships with a variety of leading mall developers. This means users are not limited to specific stores but actually have the freedom to pick their favorite mall and shop from any store within. Users are then instantly matched with a shopper, send their shopping list and the shopper will then get items from as many stores as needed. While this is happening, users can call, text, or even video call their shopper to get regular updates
Users only have to pay for the regular store prices and there are many cashless payment options to pay for it — Visa, Mastercard, GCash, or PayMaya. These no-contact payment methods not only make for a convenient transaction but a safe one, as well. After purchase, the app users can specify when they want their items delivered. They can have it sent instantly right after the shopping is done, or they can have it scheduled for later in the day when the user gets home from work. One Mymall user can readily testify to the app’s usefulness. In the case of Teresa C., a working mother of two, she uses the Mymall app to restock on much-needed grocery items. “Sometimes I’ll need an extra carton of eggs or additional multivitamins,” explained Teresa. “With Mymall, I don’t need to lose time swinging by the mall, finding and paying for parking, standing in lines or being in busy crowds. With Mymall, I can have everything delivered quickly, saving me time. Finally, because the items and delivery fee are so much lower, I also save a lot of money!” Given that convenience and improved quality of life are among the key tenets of quick commerce, Teresa’s story is a great example of Mymall’s potential. With more and more users downloading the app each day, the future certainly looks bright for Mymall—and all the users it stands to help. The quick commerce revolution has truly begun in the Philippines.

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About MyMall

Set up by the team behind Mykuya super service app, the Mymall app allows users to shop at their favorite malls from the comfort of their own homes. With it, users get connected to a professional shopper, send their shopping list, and get it delivered instantly or at a scheduled time. Through Mymall, users can shop in seconds and receive their items in minutes.