A Pampering Experience at Aesthetic Science: Dermatology Spa, Cosmetic Surgery and more




When in Manila, take a break from the chaotic city life and spoil yourself silly. Whenever I feel stressed or simply want to indulge, I get a massage or some sort of body treatment to make me feel all good.


There’s a one-stop shop in the metro where you could try various services such as massages, facials, and all kinds of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery treatments listed on the website. Aesthetic Science, which was established in 2005, has been providing affordable skin and body treatments with the atmosphere of a relaxing spa.



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The spacious clinic has eight private rooms, as well as one operating room for the cosmetic surgery procedures. I had the opportunity to try the Herbal Enzyme Facial (P1,180) in the privacy of my own room. But before I began the facial, a doctor came into the room to analyze my skin and give her recommendation.





She mentioned that I had a couple of dark spots and asked if I apply sunscreen to my face daily. Apparently, moisturizers with SPF aren’t enough. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, you need to apply and re-apply the sunblock regularly, even during rainy days since the UV rays can pass through the clouds. That was a nice and useful tip that I got from the informative doctor.


The facial treatment I selected was especially designed for sensitive skin, which was just perfect for me. I liked the fact that it didn’t call for the use of chemicals, but digestive enzymes that help soften the skin and remove dead cells.


After putting covers on my eyes, the technician applied the mask on my face. It actually smelled good. She turned on the steam machine while the herbal enzyme mask hardened. The pricking came after and the technician was very thorough with it, I must say. Good thing there was nice ambient music to soothe the senses and distract me from the pain.






The high frequency device followed after, and it helped disinfect and close the pores. But what I enjoyed the most was the facial massage that happened next. The technician had a soft touch and it was very relaxing. While my face absorbed all the goodness from the enzyme facial, the technician helped me relax some more by giving me a brief massage on the shoulders, chest and back.


As if I wasn’t being spoiled enough, I was also treated to a facial Diamond Peel (P1,200), which is a non-chemical exfoliation treatment. The device actually has fine diamonds on its wand, which also has a suction action. This procedure was supposed to take the dead skin cells off and minimize the appearance of blemishes. Even though the diamond peel felt a bit rough on my face, I felt that it really rejuvenated my skin.


After the treatment, I was offered some complimentary green tea to complete the pampering experience. Ahhh… The hot drink helped calm my senses more.






While I had the facial, my companion had a chance to try the Body scrub with Bleach and Massage (P1,480). Her massage technician combined the rich sea salt with fine oils and rubbed it all over her body. The rubbing action and the dimness of the room created a very relaxing feeling. After exfoliating her skin with the body scrub and bleach, she had to rinse it all off and then head back to the massage table for her full body massage. The massage complemented the scrub, and it gave the muscles a good wake-up call. The whole procedure took more than an hour and she felt truly pampered in the end.






When In Manila, we highly recommend you stop by Aesthetic Science to get the pampering you deserve along with the beautifying services you need. From holistic, non invasive procedures, massages, dermatology and services all the way to cosmetic surgery, Aesthetic Science is your one-stop-shop for everything aesthetic!




Aesthetic Science

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A Pampering Experience at Aesthetic Science: Dermatology Spa, Cosmetic Surgery and more