A Night Full of Stars: Moira, Aegis, Iñigo Pascual, Ian Veneracion, Natasha App and… EJ Falcon in his Underwear??


Written by Joseph Cesar

Photos by Ian Kristoffer 

Natasha is a direct selling company, creating a more intimate and exclusive experience for the customer. Even though direct selling requires a lot more work and effort on the side for the supplier, companies like Natasha pursue it anyway because they hold the convenience and comfort of the customers at a top priority.

Coming from humble and inspiring beginnings, Natasha grew over the years as they expanded their product range and line. Eventually, they were able to sign well-known personalities to endorse their products, some of whom include: Sue Ramirez, Sarah Jeronimo, Liza Soberano, Piolo Pascual, and very recently, Iñigo Pascual, Jessy Mendiola, Bela Padilla, McCoy de Leon, Elisse Joson, and Ejay Falcon.

As a grand gesture of showing their thanks to the Natasha family- customers and employees alike, they held a fashion show-concert at Araneta Coliseum for their 25th anniversary. With a strong lineup of artists both new and old, and a fashion show that showcases their best, the event was jam packed!


Araneta Coliseum was alive! From the ooohs and awhhhs, each and every performance was applauded for, but some just deserved a little more love and so…

Here are the Top 7 Moments the crowd went wild


7. Natasha’s Journey- Shadow Dance


Truly a fitting start to a night of wonders, the shadow dance drove the crowd crazy as they took the form of a soaring plane, high mountains, busy streets, and of course, Natasha herself. The creativity and precision of the performance was an art, and the crowd definitely loved it!

6. Lion Tamer’s Wink


One of the themes of the fashion show was the circus–colorful, resourceful, and overall very entertaining. As the models rolled in and did their poses, the final model of the walk who was dressed as a lion tamer gave the audience a wink that made the girls squeal. They stayed on their toes to see if he’d come back (we would, too!).

5. Serenade From the Stars (Piolo Pascual)


Air Supply’s “Even the Nights are Better” was covered by Piolo Pascual himself. Literally taking the air supply from the audience with his amazing voice, he takes to the sky as he serenades everyone and sets the mood for the models as they walk the runway.

4. Your Love Cover – A Moment to Reminisce (Sue Ramirez)


Sue Ramirez’s appearance in itself filled the crowd with joy, but when she started her cover of Alamid’s “Your Love,” that was when the crowd screamed as they reminisced the popular TV Series Dolce Amore. Her sparkling white dress shone throughout the venue but her singing is what reached the hearts of thousands of people.

3. Dahil Sa’yo (Iñigo Pascual)


The crowd erupted as Iñigo was introduced to stage by his father. His performance of his hit single, “Dahil Sa’yo” was seemingly backed up by a choir as everyone sang along with the upbeat vibe. His youthful smile and killer dance moves brought him to the number 3 slot of this list.

2. Moira.


Moira. Enough said. She has recently made a name for herself through her sweet and gentle voice with thousands of loyal followers. Moira’s cover of Aegis’ “Halik” has a new take on the song with a mellow vibe but “Tagpuan” is what took the cake as she peered over at her handsome guitarist, dedicating lines to him. As soon as she finished, the roof of Araneta was blown away with cheers and show of support for the singer.

1. Underwear. Aegis. Wild.

One of the most anticipated events of the night was the underwear and lingerie collection for… obvious reasons. But the walk was so much more. With the initial teaser from Moira’s cover of Aegis’ “Halik,” the audience was blessed with a blast from the past as Aegis performed “Basang Basa Sa Ulan” at the top of their lungs as the male models model the underwear collection one by one.


To everyone’s surprise, however, EJ Falcon suddenly showed up as a winged angel! The surprise appearance of the handsome hunk was well received by the crowd as they applauded and cheered him on.


There were so many other performances like Andrew E, Shanti Dope, and of course, McLisse. The love team that played with our hearts, making us gush with joy, and bite our nails from curiosity. Nonetheless, their performance was lights out, putting on a show for all their fans!




The event was wrapped up with the announcement of the new Natasha application.  Their official launch will be in two months and their goal is to once again, deliver stellar service to their customers in the comfort of their own homes. Natasha’s 25th Anniversary was an amazing event filled with performances and surprises. It truly was… a night to remember. DSC09522

Check out their official website by clicking here!