A New Internet Challenge Is Actually Getting People To Put Cockroaches On Their Faces

If you happen to be one of those people who scurry away at even just the sight of a cockroach at the other end of the room, then this challenge probably isn’t for you. To be honest, I’m not sure I know anyone who would be willing to try this out, but to each their own. Proving your fearlessness by sticking a cockroach on your face, or doing it just for the laughs, is completely your choice to make. And that’s exactly what some brave souls did.

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Facebook user Alex Aung began the now-viral trend with a simple selfie showing the insect on his face. His caption was very straightforward, only stating: “New challenge. Can you do this :)” There was no explanation, no rationale behind the challenge but the post quickly gained around 18,000 shares on Facebook.

As the post took off, multiple users began commenting their own photos on the thread to keep the challenge going. This girl had a very casual photo with the cockroach almost touching her eye!

If you thought that was risky, this Facebook user took it up a notch by placing the cockroach in such close proximity to her mouth. It looks like its leg is even on her lip:

Another shocking photo has this woman acting very casual and blase as she handles the cockroach, putting them on different parts of her face. She even has the confidence to make faces at the camera!

Then, we have a still of what may possibly be my own personal nightmare; an actual horde of cockroaches congregating on top of a face:

This one would definitely be the most unsettling, with a cockroach having seemingly been placed inside this woman’s mouth. However, other Facebook users have pointed out that the cockroach looks to be a fake toy roach. I have to admit that that’s a relief.

(You can officially name a cockroach after your ex in time for Valentine’s Day for P137)

The internet is truly an interesting place in this age of technology. It’s somewhat baffling how a slightly random photo of a cockroach on a boy became so popular so quickly and even influenced others to do the same. But that’s the nature of social media, I suppose.

Would you do this challenge? 

Photos from mothership.sg


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