A Cooking Phone App to Help You Become Master Chef


When In Manila, you know that your life is spent practically on your phone! We were after all named as the texting capital of the world!


Now with the emergence of smart phones and all these cool phone apps, I’m sure that being wired into our phones is even more apparent. From calling, texting, and taking photos, to playing games, listening to music, watching videos and more, the phone can definitely do it all! But now… your phone can help you cook too!




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Del Monte launches Quick ‘N Easy website and mobile application for food and music fans



Cooking traditional Filipino recipes has never been this easy, simple, and fun! Brought to you by the most trusted culinary brand by generations of moms, Del Monte Quick ‘N Easy gives that much-needed confidence boost to all who are just learning how to cook or are still wary of approaching the kitchen.


With majority of independent young professionals constantly on-the-go, preparing difficult yet tasty dishes such as Kare-Kare, Afritada, and Curry all on your own can be quite intimidating. Especially if it is your first time doing so! But fret not! Digitally-savvy people will find that it is more than easy to learn through Del Monte’s Quick ‘N Easy Mix website and mobile app – a unique and innovative avenue that combines both music and easy recipes for novice cooks!





Be Kitchen-Confident with Del Monte Quick ‘N Easy!




The first of its kind in the Philippines, the website is a great place for any determined beginner, providing simple step-by-step tutorials through a “Cooking Wiki,” which teaches the basics of cooking preparation, actual cooking, and serving of the meal. For avid music fans, each recipe also comes with its own song which matches the dish’s personality and helps gives the listener more confidence and be more comfortable while cooking.



Kare KareMenudo

Del Monte Quick n Easy Kare-Kare Mix and Menudo Sauce




Del Monte Quick n Easy Caldereta Sauce and Curry Mix




Plus, the site is home to the downloadable Quick ‘N Easy Mix phone app! The mobile app provides a simple yet interactive way of preparing meals with Del Monte Quick ‘N Easy mixes. With readily available recipes and catchy tunes that will surely get you in the zone while cooking, you can now prepare your favourite dishes without fear.



BarbequeItalian Pizza

Del Monte Quick n Easy BBQ Marinade and Italian Pizza Sauce



MechadoSweet & Sour

Del Monte Quick n Easy Mechado Sauce and Sweet & Sour Mix




Whether you are a yuppie who wants to jumpstart your cooking education or a newly-married woman who wants to learn how to prepare her husband’s favourite Kaldereta, Del Monte Quick ‘N Easy will definitely boost your cooking confidence and will surely aid your journey to be the Queen, or King, of your kitchen!





When In Manila, the traffic, the heat, and the heavy work loads might just be too much for us to handle, now add to all that having to do some cooking when we get home and this could be one extra hurdle that you just don’t want to deal with anymore. Well queue the Del Monte Quick n Easy mixes!


Now you can easily cook your favorite dishes with the help of these Quick n Easy mixes!


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