9 Awesome Activities That You Have To Try In Pangasinan

When people think of Pangasinan, one might quickly associate it with the gorgeous Hundred Islands of Alaminos or the Patar Beach in Bolinao. Is that all there really is to see in this province, though?

Located in the northern part of Luzon, Pangasinan is home to sumptuous dishes, rich history, and friendly people. During our trip with NLEX Lakbay Norte 5, we were acquainted with the beautiful towns of Bolinao and Lingayen and were given a chance to experience what the province can offer aside from what we usually know. We got a taste of their cuisine, a glimpse of their beautiful countryside, and a chance to indulge in what proves to be a hidden gem of Luzon. We’ve listed down 9 awesome activities that you can do aside from the usual beach and island experience that are still perfect for the summer!

9 Awesome Activities That You Have To Try In Pangasinan

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9. Relax by the beach and watch the gorgeous sunset with your loved ones.

Nothing captures the heart of anyone better than watching a majestic sunset by the beach. Pangasinan proves to be a wonderful spot for the sunset, with countless beaches spread out through Lingayen, Bolinao, and other parts of the province. It creates a magical backdrop to unforgettable moments, wonderful stories, and amazing adventures.

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8. Visit the Lingayen Capitol Area.

Take a look at one of the prettiest Capitol areas in the country! Considered to be the most beautiful Capitol in the Philippines, it’s easy to fall in love with Pangasinan’s very own, with its gorgeous hardwood floors and impeccable architecture. Heavily inspired by the West, the Capitol bears a lot of resemblance to those that are based abroad, even having eagle statues that guard the entrances of the building.

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Surrounding the capitol are various government-owned buildings and establishments, including the Orduja Palace, which is the official household of the Governor. Although this is considered to be his residence, some parts of the palace have been made available for viewing to tourists and locals. You can visit the place any time of the week and no entrance fees are collected.

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Aside from the buildings, the Veteran’s Park is also located in the area, which serves as an open museum showcasing the story of Pangasinan during the World War. A variety of photographs and inforgraphics can be found on display, as well as some mementos from the soldiers.

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7. Visit the Pacific Salt Farm and see how salt is created up close.

Occupying 500 hectares in Bolinao, Pacific Salt Farm is one of the biggest salt suppliers in the country. Opening its doors in 1956, the salt farm has been an institution in the province and has already provided jobs up to the 3rd generation of the residents in the area. They currently offer a tour of the farm, where you will be given the chance to go around its huge land and get a glimpse of the process and intricacies of harvesting salt.

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Take photographs on their vast harvesting area, ride a “train” to go around the farm, and check out their salt lake, which is said to be as salty as the Dead Sea. Bonus: Bring home some gourmet salts like fleur de sal that can be paired with different foods like fruits and even rice.

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6. Try the mighty egg!

One of the unique offerings of Pacific Salt Farm is their Mighty Egg. Producing only 3,000 mighty eggs per year, these duck eggs are submerged and slowly cooked on the farm’s very own salt lake for 4 days. It has a very distinct taste, oozing with flavors from the whites up to its yolks. The mighty egg is said to contain the spirit of the earth, providing the people consuming them an extra rush of energy.

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Photo by Ron Contreras

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