8 Ways to Pre-Game For Your Next Music Festival

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One of the coolest things to do as part of the millennial generation is going to music festivals. We anticipate the day when we can see our favorite artists perform in just one day. And of course, it will not be complete without our fellow music-loving friends, so here are 8 ways to make the most out of your next music festival!


8. Organize a slumber party


The night before attending a music festival, invite your friends who are going with you to a sleep-over. Besides the quality time that you can spend together with your friends, you can also save yourselves from the hintayan game when going to the event. No more of that ”on the way na ako” — when the truth is, you’re still getting ready. Admit it, we’ve all been there.

 7. Review the songs from your favorite artists in the lineup

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How about a little jamming? If you don’t play musical instruments, the internet is there to help. Get the vibe going with a little karaoke to refresh your memory with the lyrics for the upcoming festival. You know you’ll be singing along, so might as well have a warm up, yeah?

6. Re-watch your favorite music videos

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If there’s singing, more often than not, there will be dancing. Re-watching the music videos of your favorite artists who will be performing is also something that you can do while spending quality time with your friends. Instead of a movie-marathon, try a music-video-marathon. It will surely set the mood for the event!

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5. Reminisce your favorite artist’s discography

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Since you’ve gone down memory lane by listening and re-watching the songs of your favorite artists, tread along a little further by reminiscing their discography. Hardcore fans will certainly relate to this, especially if you have been a fan of a band or the artist since the beginning. This is perfect because the artist will sing more than their current hits during the festival. Be the fan who will sing along to even the most obscure song.

4. Twitter party!


The above activities would be more fun if you do it with other fans too, too! Join a Twitter party online and meet other fans by following the official hashtag! Even better? The artists themselves may be able to join in the fun as well. Of so many things that the internet can do, it gets us connected — and possibly with no less than the artists themselves. Are you part of a fandom? Try and join a Twitter party and also invite your other friends to join in and be trending just in time for the festival.

3. Compare OOTDs

fashion show

Part of the fun is preparing what you will wear! You can go in color-coordinated or themed outfits perfect for that Instagram shot. That’s definitely #squadgoals!

2. Pack the essentials


Make sure you’re ready to go! Check that your powerbank is charged, your camera is ready, your phone has enough storage space, and you have essentials like sunblock, wet wipes, cash, sunglasses, plus all the other stuff that you’ll use.


1. Start the party on the way!

Pic A

Snacks are the best food for music festivals, so start the party right away!  Try the new Jack ‘n Jill Pic-A Sweet Chili – a combination of your favorite Jack ‘n Jill snacks in a new sweet chili flavor – available exclusively in SM supermarkets and SM Savemore stores nationwide! It’s the perfect companion to your music festival pre-game!



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