8 Songs About An Almost Relationship

As indicated by Noreen Capili, the author of Parang Kayo Pero Hindi, an almost relationship can also be called as “parang kayo, pero hindi” stage. Others call it an MU or mutual understanding, pseudo relationships, pseudo boyfriends, flings. Almost like a relationship, but not quite. It is a phase where the persons involved are more than friends, but not quite lovers. There is no “us”, just you and I. And when your friends ask you what the state of your relationship with him/her is, you always roll your eyes and respond with, “It’s complicated.”

8 Songs About An Almost Relationship

Is it really that complicated, though, or are you just chilled to the bone to deal with the truth that you may be more than friends, but are obviously less than a couple? The answer should be pretty simple: “I’m single.” or “I’m taken.” Don’t sugarcoat it. You are what you are until you suddenly want something more.

Here are eight songs you can dedicate to your “almost” half!

8 Songs About An Almost Relationship

8. Grey Area by Sam Tsui

Are we off, are we on? Should I just play along?
Is it right, is it real? Do I feel what you feel?
Not enough, or too far? Do we know what we are?

7. Next To You by Jordin Sparks

Maybe we’re friends
Maybe we’re more
Maybe it’s just my imagination
But I see you stare just a little too long
And it makes me start to wonder

6. Friend of Mine by Lea Salonga

I know this is how it’s gonna be
I’ve loved you then and I love you still
You’re a friend of mine
Now, I know friends are all we ever could be

5. What Do We Mean To Each Other by Sergio Mendes

I’d rather know if you had turned the page
If you go faster than I do
Suddenly it’s not so clear just what I am to you
Am I friend, am I lover, do we still need each other?

4. Just Friends by Shane Harper

I wait for you to give me a sign
You tire me, I have uncertainty
About how you feel, how your heart works
I just need to know for sure

3. Sa’yo by Silent Sanctuary

Minsan oo, minsan hindi
Minsan tama, minsan mali
Umaabante, umaatras
Kilos mong namimintas
Kung tunay nga ang pag-ibig mo
Kaya mo bang isigaw
Iparating sa mundo

2. Migraine by Moonstar88

Oo nga pala, hindi nga pala tayo [Oh, right, we’re not a couple]
Hanggang dito lang ako, nangangarap na mapa-sa’yo [I’ll only ever be hoping to be yours]
Hindi sinasadya na hanapin pa ang lugar ko [Not purposely looking for my place]
Asan nga ba ako? Andiyan pa ba sa iyo? [Where am I anyway? Am I still with you?]

1. Some by Soyou ft. Junggigo

English Translation:
These days, it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not
It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
What are we? I’m confused, don’t be aloof
It feels like we’re lovers, it seems like we’re lovers but not
Whenever you see me, you act so vague to me
These days, I hate hearing that I’m just like a friend
Have you ever been in an almost relationship? Share your experiences with us!

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