8 Restrooms in Ateneo For Your “No. 2” Needs

Words by Yann Magcamit
Photos by Andrea Chan and Chester Tan

Imagine this: you’re in campus with your friends, enjoying your very delicious meal from a JSEC stall, when suddenly, you feel your stomach gurgling, and you may or may not have let out a silent, but very pigil, gust of air from down there. Mother Nature is indeed calling you, so you excuse yourself while you can still handle it and waddle to the nearest bathroom…just to realize this isn’t the place where you’d want to let it go.

Fiiine, if it’s so urgent and you can’t afford to be choosy then I guess you have no choice, but if you can hold it for a few minutes, we’ve got a list of the 10 restrooms in Ateneo for your “number 2” needs:

8. Old Rizal Library

Bidet? Check. Working flush? Check. Cleanliness? Check. And hey, you even get a bonus: apparently, the natural lighting in the Old Rizal Library restrooms is very nice…we wonder if people had actually tried taking a selfie there?

WIM Toilets of Ateneo-3

7. Faber Hall

Not  a lot of people frequent Faber Hall, actually. And this is what makes it perfect for your no. 2 needs. They also have an A+ bidet and free tissue…SAAN KA PA? They even have a succulent plant by the sinks for your #aesthetic needs.



6. Fourth floor CTC

If you value your privacy then this is your go-to CR. Like Faber Hall, people don’t actually frequent the 4th floor of the CTC building, unless they have classes on that floor. This is perfect for when you feel like you’d be releasing an ultimate explosion–because no one would probably be around to hear and smell it. No worries, you can take the elevator going up if you’re in a rush.


5. First Floor Leong Hall

Since most talks and orientations are held in the Leong Hall and the upper floors of the building belong to several faculties, it’s no wonder their restroom is well-maintained. And, according to one of our photographers, there are even times where the restrooms smell so fragrant (probably been sprayed with perfume?) especially during big events.


4. First floor Social Sciences building

The Social Sciences building houses Ateneo’s TV studio and radio booths and, added to that, is also the home for most (cute/handsome/beautiful) Communication majors. Besides all that, though, this building also has one of the quietest and most peaceful restrooms. It is also the nearest accessible restroom to Dela Costa Hall–another building that houses the faculty of Ateneo–where most, if not all, Theology and Philosophy oral exams take place. So after your future Theo orals, now you know which restroom to go to in case you need to release your jitters.


3. MVP Building

The restrooms in MVP all have really great ambiance–probably because the MVP building is the tambayan for all the Ateneo organizations. So if you’re suddenly feeling like channeling your inner Elsa during an org meeting, you could just excuse yourself and then ~let it go~ in a whim.


2. Rizal Library

No matter which floor you go to, all their restrooms are spotlessly clean.


1. Third Floor SEC C

SEC stands for the Science Education Complex, and the third floor of the third SEC building (hence, SEC C) is such a good place to release your troubles away. The restrooms are always clean and the bidet is there to help you clean up.


BONUS: Regis Center CR

If you suddenly feel Mother Nature’s call but have already walked out of the campus, Regis Center’s restroom is the one you should seek. It is connected to Ateneo’s overpass, after all. They not only have a bidet, but they also provide free tissue, just like the restroom in Faber Hall. Plus, they have a full-body mirror by the sinks!


Found your own go-to restroom in Ateneo? What other restrooms in Ateneo do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!


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