8 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss Partakan Festival

Welcome to Partakan Festival, where people celebrate these three important things: brotherhood, passion, and freedom.

Partakan Festival 2017 6

Riders and tourists alike flocked the sandy venue of this year’s festival — three days of fun under the sun while meeting individuals with the same taste of adventure as theirs.

The event happened last April 14 to 16 at Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley. It’s a long ride from Manila (14 to 20 hours estimated travel time.. yikes!), but it was all worth it. Here, we give you 8 reasons why you shouldn’t miss it next year!

8 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss Partakan Festival

8. Camping

Partakan Festival 2017 2

Go rough and experience camping by the beach (if you haven’t already)! Bring along your tent, build your empire and set your own camp, meet fellow campers and build a bonfire, and wake up to the sound of the waves. Wonderful!

7. Kayaking and Beach Volleyball

Part of Partakan Festival’s lineup of activities are some fun water and beach sports that anyone can join. Definitely for the thrill-seeker!

Partakan Festival 2017 14

Participants during the Kayak race

Partakan Festival 2017 13

Bringing out their inner volleyball superstar

Partakan Festival 2017 12

Bystanders closely watching the intense game (under the intense heat, at that)

6. Inflatables

This one will be enjoyed by the kids (or you can try playing here, too, hehe):

Partakan Festival 2017 9

Partakan Festival 2017 10

5. Handsome motorbikes on display

Partakan Festival 2017 7

You can check out shiny new models on display during the event. Feel free to take photos for reference and when you get back to Manila, make it your inspiration to work harder to get your hands on that motorbike of your dreams. This ride will take you to places you’ve never been (case in point: Cagayan!).

Partakan Festival 2017 8

Partakan Festival 2017 16