How to Find Your Passion, According to these Creative Industry Experts


Scout Magazine is at it again with another round of Scout Creative Talks. This time featuring Director Quark Henares, Fashion Designer Vania Romoff, Illustrator Soleil Ignacio, Entrepreneur Mike Concepcion, Thespian Daniel Darwin, and editor-writer Erwin Romulo. The speakers discussed topics close to their hearts while inspiring their youthful audience at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati last October.


As Scout Magazine puts it, this year’s theme is all about “changing the game.” They explained, “[It’s about] finding and building your identity in and despite the turbulence of the creative industry, and the potential of this generation’s youth to make waves. Whether it was about being keen on the latest trends, hustling hard, and slowly finding your own voice, attendees found comfort that there is room for new talents as the creative industry is continuously expanding.”



Vania Romoff was the first speaker, followed by Erwin Romulo, while Soleil Ignacio ended the first set. The three tackled on how to keep up with the fast-paced industry, while also being true to yourself.


The second set features Michael Concepcion, Quark Henares, and Daniel Darwin. Michael expounded on the importance of learning from our failures.


What piqued my interest is Quark Henares’s quote: “Do what’s in your sleep,” or “the thing that keeps you awake at night.” It speaks a lot when you’re trying to find out what your true passion is. In our generation, we sometimes tend to be a little too curious, and as much as curiosity is a good thing, “biting off more than you can chew” isn’t. The quote is pretty much another version of try to make a living out of the things you do when you procrastinate, as that’s actually where your true passion is.


Daniel Darwin also gave an extremely motivating speech, as he emphasizes on not trying to be the “next Lea Salonga,” or next *insert well-known person here*. Just be you, and be really good at it. We’re all unique and what matters the most is we become the next best version of ourselves.