8 Online Shops That Sell Extra Cute Bento Cakes

Have you ever wanted to buy a cake because it looked so cute in photos and you wouldn’t mind eating something sweet? When that moment hits me, the only thing that stops me from buying a whole cake for myself is that it’s too big and too much for one person to finish.

Thankfully, with bento cakes (also known as lunch box cakes) we can now get whole cakes with extra adorable designs that are good for just one person! Sure, you can share it, too.

These bento cakes are so cute and they’re usually just around four inches in diameter—perfect for your spontaneous cake cravings.

Here are 8 online shops that sell adorable bento cakes in Metro Manila: (PS. This list is not in any order)

8. Aegyo Cakes


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Aegyo Cakes is an online brand that’s known for its Korean-style cakes that are beautiful from the inside out. Their cakes feature customizable designs and colorful patterns inside the cake itself, not just on the frosting!

Their 4-inch bento cakes start at PHP 450.

Order from Aegyo Cakes through their social media or their website: aegyocakes.com.

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7. Yeppeoyum Cakes

Want your cakes colorful and extra dramatic like those childhood cakes of yours? Yeppeoyum Cakes will bring you just that! These bento cakes can have an overload of delicious and vibrant frosting the way you like them.

Their 4-inch bento cakes start at PHP 350.

Order from Yeppeoyum Cakes through their social media and their website: yeppeoyum.carrd.co.

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6. Good Karma Bakery

Good Karma Bakery is known to have introduced the half-moon minimalist cake, but they also offer gorgeous bento cakes. Their Korean-style bento cakes can have designs that have minimalist portraits of your choice—great for gifts!

Their customized bento cakes start at PHP 550.

Order from Good Karma Bakery through their social media and their website: goodkarmabakery.com.

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5. Bakedt


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This cakeshop based in Quezon City has a wide array of baked products. The cute bento cakes from Bakedt are made out of delicious chocolate cake and feature clean and tidy designs that show off excellent frosting techniques—super Instagrammable!

Their chocolate lunchbox cakes start at PHP 250.

Order from Bakedt through their social media.

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4. BIEN by Tracy

BIEN by Tracy is a dessert shop based in the South that offers masterfully created custom cakes. Even their bento cakes can have such intricate details in their designs! We love the adorable and creative designs of their minimalist-style cakes.

Their bento cakes (also known as BIEN by Tracy’s babycakes) start at PHP 399.

Order from BIEN by Tracy through their social media.

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3. Sweet Myni


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The cakes by Sweet Myni show a perfect combination of cute and rustic if you like these two aesthetics together. You’ll instantly fall in love with these cakes, whether you choose the ones with dried flowers or the ones that look like actual paintings. These cakes definitely deserve a spot in your IG feed.

These 5-inch bento cakes start at PHP 600.

Order from Sweet Myni through their social media and their website: sweetmyni.carrd.co.

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2. pam’s


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If your cute note or greeting is going to be the highlight of your bento cake, check out pam’s. You’ll be impressed by how beautiful the handwriting looks on their minimalist cakes. Whether it’s a sweet message or a sassy remark, it will look amazing on these delicious bento cakes.

Order from pam’s through their social media.

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1. Shudy Artisan Cakes


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Want your cakes extra bright and colorful? Get your bento cake from Shudy Artisan Cakes. They do not shy away from bright and vibrant colors that are combined and designed together so tastefully. This cake shop also offers a variety of cake sizes that you can get according to your cravings.

These bento cakes start at PHP 350.

Order from Shudy Artisan Cakes through social media.

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What’s your favorite cake shop? Share it with us!

Featured photo from BIEN by Tracy / pam’s / Bakedt.

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