8 Kulit Things Moms Do To Their Kids We Can All Relate To

Any funny memories with your mom from when you were a kid? You know, those great, funny, and even embarrassing moments with your mom that sometimes still happen now that you’re all grown up! As a tribute to our loving moms this Mother’s Day, here are some kulit and funny things moms love to do to their kids that can only make us shake our head and say, “Haaay, love pa rin kita ma!”

8. Wanting to be your personal hairstylist.

“Madali lang yan!” Says your mom as she grabs the scissors to cut your hair. The result? You had to live for weeks with fringes on your forehead that people couldn’t distinguish if they were bangs or baby hair.

Mothersday KAHIT NA 1

7. Encouraging you to sing and dance at family reunions.

Every time there is a family reunion, she would tell you to sing, or dance, or show your talent off in front of your titos, titas, and cousins even though you’re feeling super shy. Or, you know, you’re already 20 years old.

6. Saying your full name, out loud. In public.

“Floripoño!” No matter where you are. In a restaurant, your school’s gym, in your house, on the street. You don’t exactly love it when she calls you by your full name, let alone when she says it quite too loudly. Ma, Ponz po. Ponz.

5. Taking a photo of every milestone in your life.

There is literally a photo for every event in your life, no matter how big or small. There is even a photo for when you lost your first baby tooth!

Mothersday KAHIT NA 3

4. Revealing your secrets as cute trivia to your friends.

You are having merienda at your house with your friends, when your mom casually spills the cute trivia that you still can’t sleep without your childhood stuffed toy, Hunny The Bunny.

3. Taking candid photos of you anytime, anywhere.

Food in your mouth? Photo. Just woke up? Photo. Nakapambahay na butas? Photo. Bad angle? Photo. And the best part…everything goes up on her Facebook for all her friends to see. Thanks, Ma. Labyu.

2. Dressing you up in the same clothes as your siblings.

So you always looked like B1 and B2. And you’re not even twins.

Mothersday KAHIT NA 4

1. The way she’d make lambing to you, fix your hair, text you everyday, and call you “baby” no matter how old you are.

Because no matter if you’re a kid, a teenager, a yuppie, or a full-grown adult with your own kids, you will always, always be your mom’s precious little boy or girl. And you actually secretly love it. 😉

Even though our moms might have put us in unforgettably embarrassing moments when we were kids (and up until now!), we know that these actions are always rooting from love. And that’s why no matter what, at the end of the day and through it all, there is only one thing we can and should say to the best lady in our life: Love pa rin kita, Ma!

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