8 Kitchen Appliances That Will Make Cooking Noche Buena a Breeze

In just a few weeks, our calendars will start to be filled with Christmas parties and reunions left and right. This will mean lots of cooking and preparing massive meals, especially during the noche buena and even media noche.

If you’re planning to cook for your loved ones this holiday season, then it helps to have the right tools and equipment in the kitchen to make cooking a lot easier for you.

Here are kitchen appliances you can get for a more convenient time in the kitchen:

High-capacity air fryer

airfryer philips

Photo from Lazada

Since air fryers are all the rage these days, it makes sense to have one on duty during the holidays. In case you still don’t have an air fryer in the kitchen, you should get this 4.1-liter air fryer for yourself. It’s easier to air fry large batches of food with its big capacity! Buy this air fryer here!

Ice Maker

ice maker

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Never run out of ice in the middle of your parties ever again with this ice maker. It can produce up to 15 kilos of ice in 24 hours, and it can produce a new batch of ice every 7-15 minutes! Now, you can have ice-cold drinks up until the wee hours of the night. Buy this ice maker here!

Slow Cooker

slow cooker

Photo from Lazada

This slow cooker is perfect for savory, flavorful, and tender meaty dishes! If you’re planning to serve stews, roasts, and soups at your noche buena, this slow cooker is definitely a must-have in your kitchen. It also has a chalkboard exterior so that you can easily label what’s cooking in the pot—just in case you forget. Buy this slow cooker here!

Hand Blender

hand blender

Photo from Lazada

If you’re planning to create sauces and dips from scratch this holiday season, this hand blender is quite essential. It’s such a versatile kitchen gadget that it will prove to be useful even after the holidays. And yes, you can create your favorite fruit shakes and smoothies with this blender as well. Buy this hand blender here!

Multi-functional Grill

tefal grill

Photo from Lazada

Want to serve fresh-off-the-grill meats, seafood, and vegetables? This multi-functional grill is a great way to incorporate grilling into your holiday parties. No need to be outside—you can just plug this grill and start cooking indoors. Buy this multi-functional grill here!

Food Chopper

camel foodchopper 1 e1661851223894

Photo from Camel Appliances Mfg. Corp.

With this heavy-duty food chopper, you won’t have to spend most of your holiday chopping ingredients instead of spending time with friends and family. This food chopper lets you produce perfectly minced ingredients in just 5 seconds instead of a whole half-hour. Buy this food chopper here!

Pasta Maker

pasta maker

Photo from Lazada

If you really want to impress your guests this holiday season, why not experiment with freshly made pasta? This automatic pasta maker will essentially do most of the work for you. Just pour in all of the needed ingredients, and the machine will knead and press the pasta. You’ll get fresh pasta noodles in no time. Buy this automatic pasta maker here!

Electric Oven with Rotisserie

oven with rotisserie

Photo from Lazada

Planning to bake and roast for your noche buena? This 28-liter electric oven will make it happen. It has a rotisserie feature that you can use for your very own signature roast chicken. Of course, this oven is also perfect for holiday desserts that would be perfect for gifts as well. Buy this electric oven with rotisserie here!

What’s your noche buena menu? Share it with us!

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