8 breakfast essentials and where to get them

And no, it’s not just pandesal.

I’m a night owl by nature. I get my work done at night when everyone else is asleep— primarily because I concentrate better when it’s quiet. In a weird twist of fate, though, my sleeping pattern adjusted during quarantine.

Now that I start the day as normal people do, I’ve rediscovered what it feels like to have breakfast again. That’s why I’m sharing my top 8 picks with you along with where you can get them:

8 breakfast essentials and where to get them

8. Herb Cream Cheese

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I enjoy my bread in the morning with a little extra something. This Herb Cream Cheese spread does the trick nicely. A creamy and garlicky mix that comes with real garlic and parsley bits, it’s rich and flavorful— a great breakfast addition. You can even spread it on crackers for a light snack or on bread with your choice of meat in-between.

7. Sardines

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Sardines are another breakfast essential that works well with rice or bread. Just think— garlic rice straight out of the pan paired with a sunny side up egg and sardines on the side? Heavenly. You can also enjoy Spanish-style sardines with freshly heated pandesal. Just heat the bread, slice it and slip the fish in – quick and easy! The tomato sauce adds a tangy element that masks the overly fishy taste of the sardines. Best of all, it’s not as bony as other fish.

6. Milk Tea

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While this ready-to-drink milk tea may be creamier than most, its distinct black tea flavor really stands out. It even comes with springy but chewy jelly. Just remember to shake it well every time you drink (or you can always use a thick straw to get a bit of everything). What I love most about this is how you can easily store it in the fridge for late-night cravings.

5. Salted Yema

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This Salted Yema features a caramelized, almost custard-like spread that is creamy. Although sweet, the light dusting of salt helps cut through the richness of the yema, resulting in a balanced flavor profile. It works as a filling for bread, pastries, or even crackers, though I admit I’ve been guilty one too many times of eating it straight out of the jar!

4. Soy Milk

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For someone who’s lactose intolerant, soy milk is a good alternative. Consistency-wise, it’s not too thick, though you may need to shake it before drinking, especially the chocolate variant.

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And now, here are my top 3 breakfast essentials:

3. Ensaymada

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3. Ensaymada

A welcoming alternative to pandesal, ensaymada is made up of a soft dough topped with a sugary butter glaze and quezo de bola shavings. It’s sweet and salty, quite like a brioche bun, and a great accompaniment to hot chocolate.

While tasty on its own, I prefer grilling my ensaymada cheese-side up. That way, the cheesy saltiness from the queso de bola stands out, and you get a crisp, almost charred cheese layer with each bite!

2. Choco con Leche

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This goes really well with hot ensaymada. The Choco con Leche is a 3-in-1 Spanish style chocolate drink that takes the trouble out of boiling tablea tablets over a pot. All you need to do is dissolve the powder in hot water, mix it, and you’re good to go. It may not be as rich as standard tablea drinks, but it has a sweet and creamy flavor that really lets the chocolate shine through. It’s not too sweet, not too thick, and goes down easy. Plus, they use muscovado sugar for this, which is a good alternative to processed white sugar.

1. Pandesal

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Pandesal is a quintessential breakfast item, and really, what are mornings without it? While these bread rolls are tasty in their own right, they are also pretty versatile. Put some Spam in it, swipe some peanut butter on it., or toast it for some crunch.

If you’re wondering where to get all of these essentials, just check out Pan de Manila! Although most known for their freshly made fluffy pandesal, they’ve expanded their repertoire to include drinks and fixings for a truly hearty breakfast.
It’s practically a one-stop-shop for your morning essentials!

With social distancing being the new normal, you can even get all of these delivered to your doorstep now that they’ve reopened selected branches for delivery.

To place your order, you may reach out to them on their social media accounts.

Nothing says good morning like a good breakfast. What’s your favorite breakfast item?

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