8 Beautiful Light Brown Hair Shade Ideas

Making decisions on hair colours is not an easy thing, especially when it comes to light brown hair colours. Here are a few ideas for you.

8 Light Brown Hair Colour Tips and Tricks for Women

Hair decisions are not easy to make. Most ladies are usually held back by the predicament of choosing from long or short, brunette or blonde, and smooth or textured. So, with all of these predicaments, getting the right makeup can be challenging especially when you don’t want to risk your looks.

However, some hues look great on all hair types and skin tones since they are very versatile. Light brown hair hue is one of them. It falls between the dark brunettes and pale blondes. This gives it a plus as a safe colour for those who wish to try hair colour for the first time. Take a gander at these light brown hair hint ideas that have stolen many women’s hearts.

1. Face Framing Blonde for Light Brown Hair

This light brown hair balayage on grey-brown is a beautiful look that will steal the show. The tailored accents are bulkier at the front than at the back. They give a perfect frame to the face. The grey-brown correctly fades into a light, almost blonde hue. The subtle highlights at the back layers come up with beautiful contrast, boosting dimension and texture to this style.

2. Melted Light Brown

This is a typical look that is always on trend. Regardless of the shade of your hair, light babylights melt is one of an excellent way to oomph it up. These light brown hair babylights are effortless to maintain and super low maintenance. It is a certain style for you if you want to add dimension and volume to your style. The brown tresses melt from darker brown to lighter brown giving your style a natural looking melt.

3. Ashy Light Brown

Usually, light brown hair doesn’t incorporate cool hues. However, this hairstyle breaks that norm and does what it deems beautiful for ladies. The light brown tresses are perfectly toned to give the style a perfect ashy shade.

4. Light Brown Balayage

An excellent light brown hair colour for ladies with fine, silky and straight hair. The hairstyle appears so natural that you cannot recognise that it is shaded. The natural brown roots fade to a glamorous light brown. The light brown balayage is achieved in this style by perfectly painting accents on to some portions to enhance texture with light contrast.

5. Light Beachy Brown Hair Hue

This is ideal for natural brunettes. It appears so beautiful if paired with gorgeous light beachy hue. The hairstyle is meticulously matched together with light cool undertones for dimension and enhanced texture.

6. Grey Hair to Light Balayage

This is melting butterscotch. That is what this haircut is all about and the first thing you will think about when you see it. The brunette roots are accentuated and faded to beautiful light brown. The highlights are further shaded on thin sections that begin at the roots. As you move to the low lengths of the style, it melts to butterscotch. This is an ideal hairstyle for ladies with fine hair. It improves dimension and texture significantly.

7. Heavy Subtle Brown Balayage

Opting for an extreme hair colour implies going for regular touch-ups to maintain the hair looking natural. This hairstyle, however, is created with chunky balayage, which offers you the much-needed lighter look without the necessary heavy upkeep that comes with solid hues. The style also features light ash accents to make it stand out. The highlights are styled in thin portions, making this hairstyle ideal for ladies with fine hair.

8. Light Hazelnut Brown Hair

We are all amazed! This beautiful bob features the correct amount of depth, warmth, and volume. The dark roots are spruced up using hazelnut balayage-the accents start near the base. The natural dark roots bring out a low light impression that enhances the depth and puts much emphasises on the volume of this style. The bob further incorporates bluntly trimmed finish, presenting a beautiful, messy appeal that is sure to turn heads.

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