7 Trending Wedding Hairstyles

Just like every other aspect in wedding planning, you will want to not only get things right for the time of year and hopefully your budget, but also with the ever-changing trends. From wedding décor to entertainment, bridal gowns and wedding ceremonies, everything changes over time. Bridal hairstyles are not excluded from this list, and that is why it is good
to be up to date on trending wedding hairstyles.

As one year ends and another begins, it would be a great idea to have a look at which wedding hair trends made it into the new year and which did not. From the texture to the length and overall hairstyle, we have put together here a collection of the wedding hairstyle trends to keep you up to date.

7 Trending Wedding Hairstyles

1. Soft, Tousled Waves

This all-time classic hairstyle is one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As one of the popular hairstyles for wedding brides, it has endless variations and can work flawlessly for long or medium length hair.

This hairstyle can be achieved with a side part, or with the hair pulled back, tucked behind both ears. Accessorize with a wedding crown or side comb for a complete look. Statement earrings can also create a beautiful finish.


2. Effortless Updos

A lot of brides are leaning more into effortless looks that last throughout the day with seemingly minimal effort. Undone hair, pulled back effortlessly, with soft, wispy tendrils framing the face.

From twisted updos to elegant chignons and buns, there is more than one way to achieve this effortless look. To accessorize, consider wedding updos with headpiece, like a crown or a comb and a stylish veil fit for a queen.

3. Bridal Braids

Twisted hairstyles like bridal braids is another trendy look for a wedding day. This increasingly popular look can be styled boho-chic, classic or modern. A simple braid can be styled to look effortless with gentle pull outs in sections that make it appear softer and even fuller. This glamorous wedding bridal hairstyle is for the bride who wants a more detailed look than a ponytail, half-up hairstyle or effortless updo.

To accessorize, twist with a hair vine or accentuate with small hairpins to the side. A hair vine that flows with the twist is the most romantic option. That or hair flowers for a rustic, bohemian finish.

4. Loose Chignons

The simple and messy loose chignons are making a comeback in a good way. One of the most popular hairstyles for a wedding, the chignon looks really easy and effortless when styled in this manner. A low maintenance, long-lasting hairstyle that looks chic at the same time.

It is best accessorized with a headband, bows or a crown.


5. Ponytails

This particular wedding hair can be worn in a myriad of ways. Whether you want your hair up or down for wedding, it can be achieved with a well-styled, romantic ponytail. A ponytail elongates the bride’s silhouette and makes for daring pictures. It can be worn low with the right volume and texture, or it can be high and effortlessly messy. There is also the sleek ponytail for that classic look.

This look can be accessorized with a simple fingertip veil, or a chic, modern one. Hair pins can also be added to wrap a headpiece round the base of the ponytail or just for some sparkle on the side.

6. Flowing Locks

Another modern wedding hairstyle which is still trendy is the flowing locks. This flawless yet effortless look is a minimalist style that produces a delicate and yet polished overall result. This is for brides who don’t want the traditional updo but want to look timeless at the same time.

This soft, flowy hairstyle can be accessorized with a thin headband or simple comb. Statement earrings can also make a great finish especially if the hair is tucked behind both ears.

7. Classic Buns

With bride hairstyles, you can hardly go wrong with the classic, chic buns. If you are looking to create a sophisticated or high fashion look, then this will be a fabulous choice. A clean bun with minimal volume can be styled completely sleek or with wispy, flowy tresses. Either way it wouldn’t lose its elegance and minimalist look.

Accessorize with statement earrings, a minimalist veil, comb or simple hairpins for a stylish, clean look.

Most trendy bridal hairstyles of today seek to be chic and effortless at the same time. To give our brides the elegance they desire, but with a long-lasting hairstyle that doesn’t try to steal the show.

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