7 Things Strong Women Don’t Do

Strength in women can be an intimidating quality for other people — in a society that believes in the meek, docile woman as an idealized version of women, strong and confident women could be off-putting, to say the least. But strength, especially one that comes from the inside, should be an admirable trait among anyone regardless of gender. Plus, there’s no doubt that strong and empowered women are certainly awesome. Strong women know themselves most of all, among a sea of opinions telling them how they should be. Here’s a round-up of seven things strong women don’t do.

7. Strong women don’t compare themselves to other people.

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Strong women aren’t hung up on FOMO — the fear of missing out. They’re not out on a witch hunt to see what every person on their feed is up to — and they certainly don’t compare themselves to them. That college classmate who just posted photos of her recent trip to Bali? Good for her. That old high school batchmate who’s dating a gorgeous model? Hope their relationship lasts! The childhood friend who just got promoted in her new job? There’s more than enough room for successful women in this world.

6. They don’t preoccupy themselves with gossip.

Strong women know they have better things to do, and bigger problems to solve. They won’t waste time listening to people talking about other people behind their backs, nor would they partake in that. Strong women have enough strength to lift other women besides them up, without having to pull anyone down.

5. Strong women don’t worry about pleasing people.

Strong women know what they believe in, and they’re not afraid to communicate that to you. They will have a strong opinion about something, and they won’t hold back just to please people. They’re tough and assertive, even if it means having some disagreements with other people.

4. They don’t subscribe to society’s ideals of beauty.

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This doesn’t mean going out like a bag of garbage every day. Strong women know that people come in all shapes and sizes, and that there is beauty in diversity. They can dress up and wear makeup, but only as it pleases them and not anyone else. Strong women aren’t trying to conform to other people’s standards of beauty. They can pack in the work at the gym, but it’s not to gain other people’s approval that they’re sexy. Similarly, they know that what you do to your body is your choice and they have no business judging you for it.

3. Strong women aren’t afraid of making mistakes.

Strong women know that their strength doesn’t come from being right all the time. Their confidence comes from the humility to make mistakes and the courage to learn from them. Being a #GirlBoss doesn’t mean having the answers to everything — it just means that you’re willing to take the lead and learn along the way.

2. They don’t play games.

Because they have no problem communicating their thoughts and feelings, strong women don’t play games. They don’t believe in deceiving or manipulating someone through mind games. They recognize that that kind of behavior is toxic and immature, and would insist on having an honest and open conversation — whether it’s with a significant other, a friend, or a co-worker.

1. Strong women don’t care about being alone.

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Strong women don’t let their relationships define who they are. They’re not looking for a partner to complete them; rather, they want to co-exist with someone so that they can be independent with and from each other outside the relationship. Even if they’re single at the moment, that doesn’t scare them. They can watch a movie alone or dine at a restaurant solo without being intimidated. They’re looking for a partner, their equal; not a babysitter.

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