7 Reasons Why Falling in Love is so Damn Hard Especially Online

In the movies, it only takes a couple of hours to fall in love. They can compress years of experience, enduring challenges, and heartbreaks in a two-hour film. However, it is not always like that in real life. But why?

Love, which is a wonderful feeling and a life’s purpose for most of of us should be easy, right?

It should even be as easy as you just swipe left or swipe right online…


Here’s why:

7. Setting unbelievably high standards

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In the dating arena where we just swipe left or swipe right, most of us set ridiculously high standards. Not that it’s a bad thing but it makes things a lot more difficult. We initially judge on their looks and if there’s even just one flaw on the almost perfect person, we end up not being interested.

6. Not accepting shortcomings

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We put ourselves on a high pedestal and then what we just see are the shortcomings of other people. When we see someone’s profile online, we immediately see what we don’t want instead of seeing what we want that they have. We focus even on the tiniest mistakes of a possible lifetime partner. He’s cute but his nose is too big. She looks fun to be with but she doesn’t have fashion sense. We keep on fault-finding and of course we’ll find faults because no one is perfect, and we end up alone.

5. Always searching for someone better

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Generally, we upgrade when we find something new. There’s a new iPhone, we ditch the old one to grab the new one even if the upgrades are very small. Sometimes, we are already in love, however that cutie that dating app who has a nicer smile might be better than your current love. We tend to search for something or someone for better instead of appreciating the great thing or person that we already have.

4. Not compromising

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It’s obvious that one wants to compromise. However, the key to a lasting relationship is knowing when to back down and give way. Love demands compromise. The moment you don’t want to compromise with someone, that probably isn’t love after all.

3. Too much addiction on technology

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We can’t go a day or even just an hour without our phone. Even when we are with someone interesting, we end up looking our phones if there’s a message or if there’s something new on Facebook. We no longer value face-to-face as much as we did before. We tend to forget that love involves speaking to someone in person and spending some quality time together without a screen in the way.

2. Unlimited options

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Dating online was supposed to make finding love easier but now it seems that it is making it harder. We think we have unlimited options and it seems like it so we end up not choosing anyone anymore. Now, with online dating, it is harder to make a real connection with someone. With hundreds of people you can potentially meet online, it’s easy to get lost in your options. Sometimes, even in love, less is more.

1. Always an option, never a priority

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With many options, we forget that the same goes with us – we are just one option that anyone can miss out and still move on. We no longer feel special because we are no longer one in a million but just a million options to choose from. Therefore, potential love can cancel on us and then we end up missing out a chance to fall in love.

So, how do we go about this? We should learn how to be flexible and adjust. We should learn how to protect ourselves too because online dating can make us very vulnerable. Remember, “what is seen is not what they seem.”

Coming soon on theaters is a movie that tackles the reality of online dating – Swipe.

The plot revolves on this:

When CCTV cameras are installed in Sunrise Apartment, the tenants’ lives begin to unravel through their discreet activities in social media dating sites. Their online affairs take on a chilling turn when deception becomes their common link in this contemporary psychological drama about social media.

Swipe is a film by Ed Lejano and will hit theaters on February 1, 2017.

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Will you swipe left or swipe right?