7 Reasons Why I Go to K-Pop Conventions

Article by: Nesreen Adrada and Kiana Palacios

Last March 3, we went to the annual Philippine K-Pop convention at SMX Convention Center in SM Aura where Filipino K-Pop fans and enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the joys of the foreign music genre and Korean culture. This event has been bringing smiles to hundreds of KPop stans’ faces for 10 years now.

Here are a number of reasons why you should consider going to KCON next year, and in the years to come!

7 Reasons Why I Go to K-Pop Conventions

7. All the Merch

It’s usually really difficult to find different albums and merch in the Philippines, but KCON has stalls full of merch brought by the fan clubs involved. The wide array of merchandise ranges from fan-made ones to official merch straight from Seoul. Goodbye, money; hello, collection!


photo by Nesreen Adrada

6. The Other Fans

KCON takes pride in being able to celebrate different fandoms in one place. At KCON, not one group is superior. K-POP fans don’t just come from Metro Manila, but also from different provinces to celebrate this annual event. KCON is also a great opportunity to get to know other groups through new friends and bond over your favorites!

5. Exciting Performances and Entertainment

KCON is more than the stalls and the people who attend; it’s grounds to showcase talent relative to KPOP. There are several competitions, random dance challenges, a KPOP Idol look-alike contest, and much more. Not only will you get to celebrate your favorite KPOP idols and their music; you’re also get to give back and somehow be like them, too!


Photo by Nesreen Adrada

4. The Publicity

Use the amount of people attending KCON to your advantage, especially if you have a booth for the fandom that you belong to. Make your materials interesting and introduce your favorite artists in clever ways since KCON is for anyone and for everyone. You might just gain yourself a new friend and a fellow fan!


3. The Attendance Goes to a Good Cause

Every year, KCON chooses their benefactors. This year, it was PAWS and Gawad Kalinga, whose main beneficiary would be kids joining a sports tournament in Germany this April. The proceeds that come from the registration fee and from the event go to these organizations, so you get to have fun and help those in need!

2. Equal Treatment

Thinking that the group you stan is more superior over others is inevitable, especially when these groups have varying degrees of success. At KCON, however, fans such as Jovi, Roxan, and Loren, have stated that the best thing about KCON was its supportive nature among different fan groups. Its inclusive environment is what adds to the fun of the event!


Photo by Nesreen Adrada

1. The Korean Culture

Since Filipino fans have become familiar with Korean pop culture and traditions over the years, the impact of K-dramas have also been featured this KCON. There was even an aegyo battle that made everyone laugh.

KCON also gives us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves better through our engagements with our friends from Korea who also visit and participate in the event.