7 Modern-Day OPM Love Songs You Should Listen To

Most Filipinos are fond of singing because many have an amazing talent for it. The Original Pinoy Music (OPM) industry in our country is overflowing with beautiful and passionate songs, some of which we witnessed at Pinoy Playlist’s concert. Most of the audience at Pinoy Playlist’s concert were students and young professionals. No matter what age, gender, or year the song came out; the crowd merrily sang along.

What songs about love can you easily relate to? Here are the top OPM love songs from the concert you should listen to during different stages of your romantic life.

7 Modern-Day OPM Love Songs You Should Listen To

7. Ang Huling El Bimbo

Gian Magdangal singing Ang Huling El Bimbo

The English translation of this very popular OPM is ‘the last bimbo’. If you don’t know the word bimbo, it refers to an attractive but unintelligent or frivolous young woman. Behind the song, though, lies a tragic story of unrequited love between a hopeless romantic of a man and his childhood crush.

6. Love Me or Don’t

Nicole Laurel Asensio sings Love Me or Don’t

An original song, Love Me or Don’t is a slow and downhearted love song. It is a song about not fighting for your love because your special someone doesn’t love you back and won’t even fight for you. Imagine if you push yourself towards that kind of person. You will just look pitiful in the eyes of the people around you. This relaxing jazz song is perfect to listen to with a glass of wine in hand.

5. I Don’t Give a Damn

I Don’t Give a Damn by Ethan Loukas

Another original song, I Don’t Give a Damn is a contemporary jazz song. After a breakup, some people still listen to “their” song. How about letting it go and listening to I Don’t Give a Damn instead? It’s moderately upbeat as if it’s pushing you to move forward. After all, life must go on because you choose to.

4. Ako na Lang Sana

Mark Carpio

Why do some of the people we love not love us back? Ako na Lang Sana is a very sad love song that will make your heart ache once you listen and try to understand it. As the song says, two people might meet, but are not destined for each other. Isn’t it heartbreaking? Many millennials know this song because of the heartbreak they have experienced thus far. Mark Carpio’s voice added even more greatness and drama to this famous song.

3. Panaginip

Another original Filipino love song by Mark Carpio, this one is very melancholic and the instrumentals sound great. This song is ideal for guys who dream of a girl who is out of their league.

2. Kay Tagal

This is a joyous song about finally achieving a romantic relationship with your ideal mate. Matched with melodious and rich vocals, as well as amazing electric guitar chords and drum beats, it complements to happiness in the lyrics.

1. Don’t Know What to Do

Do you still remember the first time you saw your huge crush? Did you say hi or did you not know what to say and do? We can all relate to that. What make this song worth listening to is its story of having a crush and loving them from afar. Songs are made all the better when they have a story to tell, in my opinion.

Whether endings are happy or sad, OPM songs have got you covered. Some songs are fast while some are slow; but in the end, they all sound beautiful and special. Share your favorite OPM love song with us!

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