7 Kinds of Dances I Experienced at A-Team’ s The Demo Vol. 3

When in Manila, and you are updated to the current happenings in the Hip Hop world of dance, then you must’ve been aware that last night was just the third out of seven benefit dance concerts happening this July. 

Yeap, seven. We currently have seven teams that will represent our country in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, namely: FMD Extreme, Romancon, Upeepz, Alliance, Legit Status, Addlib and A-Team. Last night at SM Skydome, I gave my support to A-Team and watched their third benefit concert called The Demo Vol. 3

A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 3

As usual, the place was filled with a roaring crowd of almost 2,00 people!


Just to give you a short background. The Demo had it’s debut in year 2012 and I was fortunate enough to be there as well. (Read all about it HERE.  ) It’s an event where the team can gather more funds to send themselves to Las Vegas and represent the Philippines to compete in Hip Hop International Dance Championship on August.  

A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 4


This year is much more different. First of, it’s their third time to represent our country. Second, there are 40 dancers that need your financial support. Why? Because Third, A-Team will compete both in the varsity and megacrew divisions.


A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 6


A-Team has definitely been at the top of their game in the past few years and I think this big step for them will bring Philippines closer to gold. Based on what I witnessed last night, A-Team’s niche in dance has extended the expectations of many. Each performance in the concert was just… ecstatic, and most of them got me yelling at the top of my lungs.


To share to you what happened last night, here are the 7 “kinds” of dances I experienced at A-Team’s The Demo Vol. 3.

A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 5

1. The Intro

This kind of dance is not to be taken lightly. In any dance concert this is one the most important performances of the whole set because it sets the mood of the concert and it gives the audience a taste of what to expect in the next following performances. For A-Team ‘s intro, it’s all about incorporating power in their dance style and it was indeed an icebreaker.


A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 18

 Arda Kids


A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 17



A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 21

The Crew


2.The guest performances

The Demo Vol. 3 had a total of 7 guest crews: ACTS dance company, LSDC Street, Claret Hataw, Arda Kids (Terpsichore), Tha Project, Philippine Allstars and the Crew. The three photos above represent the affiliate groups of A-Team’s Coaches, the Ardas. 



A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 7

3. The anti-hiphop

I love the fact that Hip Hop dance can “cross borders”. Unlike what other people think, Hip Hop dancers are not restricted to Hip Hop music. They can use any kind of music and fuse it to the many styles of Hip Hop dance. This particular number from A-Team was a refreshing and heartfelt dance performance.


A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 9


4. Power

This gangsta-looking all-black costume plus jaw-dropping powerful moves will make you watch at the edge of your seat. I loved this dance. It’s the epitome of how a high-impact dance should look and feel like.



A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 11

A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 10

5. The groupie

It’s not what you think it is. I just noticed that in every A-Team concert their is this one dance wherein they’ll divide into groups and dance  according to their style such as krump, waack, house, etc. As an audience member you’ll see how each Hip Hop dance style is different and how distinct each dancer is. 


A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 12

6. The masterpiece

The reason why it’s called “The Demo” is because it’s the showcase of their masterpiece, their routine for the said dance competition in  Las Vegas. For those who watched this piece, you’ll know that Philippines will be one of the top teams again this year. 


A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 13

7. The feel-good finale

If you have a intro then of course you have a  finale dance. It’s both a sad and a happy encounter. Happy because you can now go home, inspired from all the dance that you’ve seen. Sad because you know that a great concert has just ended. 




A-Team PH the Demo vol. 3_ 14


Congratulations to the Ardas and to the rest of A-Team for another successful demo!


So, When in Manila and you want to support A-Team,  visit their Facebook page and see how you can help them out!



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