6 Things Every Pug Lover Can Relate To

Words and photos by Clariz Mendoza

Welcoming Mocha (our pug) into our home completely changed our lives.  Having her is like riding a roller coaster with nothing but upward thrills. She is a ball of sunshine that brought chaos, laughter, happiness, and everything in between to our family. Through the years, I’ve noticed some habits that pugs have (we once had 4 pugs when Mocha gave birth) that I’m sure all pug parents know. Here are 6 things that every pug lover and parent can relate to.

6. Pugs are clingy dogs

Pugs are your constant companions—through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, to the comfort room and back. They’ll always be at your side. You will be so accustomed to them following you around that they become like shadows, always lurking in the corner. Pugs also love to be petted and touched. So if you’re planning on getting a pug of your own, be ready to cuddle and be showered with wet kisses by your new fur friend!

5. Friendly and playful pets

Everyone is a pug’s best friend. Just one sniff and lick from them and you will instantly gain their trust. They are always up and ready for playtime even if they just met you. That makes them one of the worst guard dogs ever because they are just too friendly and playful! Pugs also have an abundance of energy. They can run, jump, and do tricks for hours. After having a blast from their playtime, they tend to sleep so peacefully—sometimes even snoring in the process.

4. They are balls of sunshine and flab

Pugs have a way of knowing when you are lonely or feeling down. Within a heartbeat, they will rush to your side to cheer you up. They can immediately brighten the mood with their mere presence. They are happy and more than willing to listen to your rants or just stay beside you to keep you company.

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What also adds 10000% to their cuteness are their fluffy little pieces of flab. I personally use them as my stress ball which the pugs also seem to enjoy. It is also entertaining to watch their flab wiggle when they are running or even when they are sitting as seen in the photo above.

3. Shed Galore

Pugs shed… a lot. Fun fact: Pugs have a highly dense hair coat. Other dogs have about 100- 200 hairs per square inch. Pugs have about 600 hairs per square inch! This means that pugs have a lot of hair to shed. Pugs will always leave a trail of hair wherever they go. Therefore, it is important to always brush the pugs to remove excess or dead hair.

2. ALWAYS up for treats

Give your pug a treat and they will be in your command. Sometimes, it can be hard to train pugs (or dogs in general) especially when they are just puppies. But with the help of a few treats, pugs become one of the best-behaved dogs! Pugs aren’t choosy eaters. Our pugs love chicken, cheese, and pizza.

1. Pugs are the most beautiful dogs

Even though all dogs are great, for all pug parents, pugs are the best dog breed in the whole world. Although their beauty can be defined as unconventional, for us, they are still the most beautiful, majestic, and amazing dogs out there. Their big googly eyes are the cutest whenever they brighten when they are excited. Their noses are the most adorable when they scrunch them up when they are curious. The movement of their ears also helps you determine what they’re thinking.

To conclude, #PugsAreTheBest!

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