6 Things Every Gentleman Must Have in their Grooming Kit

Words by: Bryle Eusebio

These days, one of the key features of the modern alpha male is being able to boldly present himself to the world with his on-point grooming and decorum. Applying make-up, skincare, and hair products are already a routine for most gentlemen when meeting business clients to have that extra confidence boost. When on romantic dates, showing up smelling good sends a strong signal on how you treat your body and how you want to be perceived as well.

In short, being well-groomed shows you care for your body and for yourself, and there’s nothing more attractive than someone who takes care of themself.

I know that it can be intimidating to level up your grooming arsenal but I am here to give you the  five essentials you can start with

Choose a great body cleanser

American Crew Body Wash

The photo was taken from American Crew Official Facebook Page

There is a wide variety of body wash and soap bars in the market to choose from but make sure to select the one that doesn’t only clean but also leaves you the fresh feeling all day. Personally, woody and green tea scents are a plus to me when choosing the right body cleanser for me since it complements my taste of perfumes.

Not only will you have that subtle tea tree scent all day long, you’ll definitely feel clean despite any commute or night out.

Invest in quality perfumes

A personal fragrance is an extension of your identity and instant attention grabber as well. Ocean and citrusy scents are great in the summertime but you would want a bit more earthy and subtle notes for formal and work settings. A friendly reminder that over-spraying any kind of scent is a big NO and never compliments anyone.

Keep your hair polished and clean


Before styling your hair, you, of course, need to keep it clean and wash it regularly. Using quality products will definitely keep your hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean. This American Crew shampoo also gives the illusion of thicker, healthier hair, making you seem more put-together and polished. Nothing like the fresh head feeling!

Use a non-scented deodorant

Antiperspirant is a must in every gentleman’s closet especially in a tropical country like ours. I use the non-fragrance ones to prevent the scent from mixing with my daily perfume. No one wants to go near someone who has two wet ponds under their sleeves so, go get one for yourself today.


Healthy glowing skin can be achieved by always keeping your skin nourished and pH-balanced. There are also added health benefits of maintaining the right moisture of your facial skin keeping you more young and good looking. You also wouldn’t want acne ruining your dates or your chances with potential people you’d like to court. Moisturized skin means you look healthier and gives you that glow that many people strive for. (Korean glass skin is for everyone!)

Find great hair styling products

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The photo was taken from American Crew Official Facebook Page

Pomades are a good product for me, especially when going to work events and formal gatherings since it provides a classy sophisticated look. But when doing workouts, stronger holding products such as fiber gets the job done. Hair waxes are also affordable and reliable for a more casual and everyday look. There are definitely different kinds of pomades out there to help with different situations and circumstances, so make sure to pick the right one for you!

Wanna achieve that polished look? American Crew can definitely help with making you look posh like a gentleman in many different ways. Here’s how you can get in touch with them:

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To sum it up, building a good foundation is a must before you proceed to the large steps. How about you? What is your favorite morning routine?  Let us know by commenting down below.