6 Main Reasons Why I Can’t Wait to Meet Nicholas Hoult at AsiaPop Comic Con 2016

After getting to interview Colton Hayne at the first AsiaPop Comic Con last year, I told myself I would attend the next AsiaPop Comic Con, whether or not I liked the lineup of celebrities or not. Fortunately, I like the entire lineup this year, what with my current fascination with “Stranger Things” and my almost decade-long obsession with all things Nicholas Hoult.

My obsession with Nicholas Hoult began back in 2007. I was in college when a bunch of my friends back in Thailand got me hooked onto the British TV series “Skins”. Since then, I have seen almost every single Nicholas Hoult movie and YouTube video. So, when I read the announcement that he would be coming here for APCC 2016, I literally cried.

While waiting for him to come to Manila (please, please, please don’t cancel!!!), though, let me share my favorite Nicholas Hoult characters with you and the main reasons why I cannot wait to meet him this month:

6 Main Reasons Why I Can’t Wait to Meet Nicholas Hoult at AsiaPop Comic Con 2016

6. Marcus Brewer in About a Boy

As a child, Nicholas Hoult shared the screen with Hugh Grant in a movie called “About a Boy”. You might not remember the movie much, but I’m sure you’ll remember this scene of little Nicholas singing “Killing Me Softly” for his mom in front of the entire school:

5. Jack in Jack the Giant Slayer

A lot of people didn’t like “Jack the Giant Slayer”, but I thought it was a pretty decent kids’ movie. Plus, I really enjoy watching different takes on well-known fairy tales and I can’t really properly hate anything with Nicholas Hoult in it. :p

Nicholas Hoult Jack the Giant Slayer

4. Hank McCoy/Beast in X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past and Apocalypse

Nicholas Hoult Beast Hank McCoy X-Men Jennifer Lawrence Mystique

I ‘shipped Beast and Mystique. <3

3. Nux in Mad Max: Fury Road

Not a lot of people liked “Max Max: Fury Road”, either, but I absolutely LOVED it. It was amazingly action-packed from beginning to end (just the way I like it!) and it was nice to see Nicholas Hoult in a completely different role.

2. R in Warm Bodies

Hands down one of my favorite Nicholas Hoult characters ever! I enjoyed this zombie-fied version of Romeo and Juliet so much, it has become a tradition to watch it every Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Nicholas Hoult Warm Bodies1. Tony Stonem in Skins

Of course, Tony is on my number one spot because he’s the reason why I fell in love with Nicholas Hoult to begin with. I don’t really know why I liked “Skins” so much back in the day, but I saw it again on Netflix recently and it brought back all of my college memories. Still love it!

I haven’t seen “Equals” yet because I didn’t have time for movies when it came out, but I’ll definitely try and check it out before APCC 2016. Are you a fan of Nicholas Hoult, too? Share your favorite Nicholas Hoult characters with us! 🙂

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