6 Organizations That Were Started During the ECQ

Written by Jenna Wang

Even amidst the lockdown, the Philippine youth remains unyielding in the need to bring awareness to their concerns and make their voices heard. Our youth never fails to come together even if it’s just through online talks and workshops.

Here is a list of organizations that have been created in the Philippines during the self-quarantine.

1.) Echo

echo final 1

Facebook: @echoph2020 – Instagram: @echoph2020

ECHO is a youth-led organization founded by a group of high school graduates from Xavier School, San Juan. The organization is currently composed of graduates and students from a multitude of schools such as Xavier School, Immaculate Conception Academy, Assumption College San Lorenzo, and PAREF Woodrose School.

They aim to foster a community with a sense of accountability and obligation by empowering and molding the youth through civic participation in its various projects and campaigns.

Looking forward, ECHO hopes to continue to partner with organizations in the hope that their goal may be achieved – to echo the call to spark change in today’s society.

2.) Atom


Website: atomorg.com – Instagram: @atom.orgph

ATOM is a non-profit organization founded by Reese Chang and run alongside four other youths. Its novel approach utilizes art to entice and nurture the minds of underprivileged young people by bringing mobile art studios to the streets of poor neighborhoods. The organisation aims to reduce the stigma of the pursuit of the arts as a profession; to inspire children, especially the underprivileged, to express themselves through art; and to empower these budding artists to recognize their value in society.

3.) Tabula


Facebook: @tabulaph – Instagram: @tabula.philippines

Tabula is an organization founded by members of a high school debate team who had felt a sense of responsibility to make sure that the importance of the spoken and written word would be brought to light.
The name Tabula was inspired by both the stone tablets of old decrees and the devices around which our lives are centered today. Tabula believes in the importance of social issues and storytelling; standing by an advocacy of “arts into action.” They aspire to heighten awareness for social issues through the humanities and the arts.

4.) Kahidlani


Facebook: @KahidlaniPh 

Kahidlani is an organization that aims to bring heaven on earth, currently through posting informative pubmats about issues that concern social justice in the Philippines and internationally.
The organization advocates for human rights, social justice, and inclusivity.

Kahidlani also aims to inform and educate their audience so that they may hopefully join in advocating for it as well. In all that they do, they believe it is best do it when working as teams, thus they also work together with other organizations that hold the same principles and values.

5.) Fika

IMG 4476

Facebook: @FikaOrganisation  – Instagram: @fikaorg.ph

FIKA is a youth-led organization that aims to raise awareness and promote change in the lives of underprivileged children. The organization believe it is essential to spread positivity and extend a helping hand to people around us, even in our own little ways. They are currently working on activities and projects that can both spread love and raise awareness on their advocacy.

6.) Saldang SZN

logo circle

Facebook: @SaldangSZN  – Instagram: @saldang.szn

Saldang SZN is a youth-led, non-government organization which is aimed as a promotional vehicle in promoting advocacies through the platform of its official social media accounts. The organization achieves its objective through the following activities: encouraging the youth (students and young professionals) to pursue the spirit of volunteerism through the advocacies they are passionate of, connecting with outside organizations to further promote their mission, promoting the current generation towards nation-building and love for the country, and raising the profile of why volunteering is an integral part in our civic duties.
Saldang being the Bicolano word for sun, a universal symbol for new beginnings and hope, and partnered up with “SZN”, the organization aims to be a group that brings about seasons of new beginnings and hope. Saldang also has posts of its own based off of the personal beliefs of its core members, so they are not entirely limited to posting non-Saldang content!
Franklin Roosevelt once said that “We cannot always build the future for youth, but we can build the youth for the future“. Our peers are starting to become more aware of what is happening and feel the need to be the instigators of change in our country. I hope you can continue to support these youth organizations as they continue to produce projects to further support their advocacies!