6 Misconceptions about Working at a Call Center

5. A Call Center Agent is rich because they speak English well.

Speaking in English is an understatement. I know some people who are fluent in English, but can’t pronounce words correctly. You could be a grammar Nazi, but NOT a pronunciation Nazi! Speaking in English doesn’t mean our wallets speak dollars, too! Just so you know, the majority of what’s inside are receipts, not money. 🙂


4. Call Center Agents live sedentary lifestyles.

The majority of my friends who used to or are still working at a call center smoke and drink. Contrary to what others are saying about their sedentary lifestyles, though, there are centers now that promote healthy living.  They have facilities, such as Gyms and Sports rooms. Some even offer perks like privilege cards for fitness clubs like Gold’s Gym.


6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center

Telus is one of the call centers in the Philippines that believes in the saying: “Health is Wealth.”


3. Call Center Agents are promiscuous.

6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center


THIS.IS.A.MAJOR.MISCONCEPTION.  I am sure they work to make ends meet, NOT to meet someone’s sexual needs.  While it is true that a lot of AIDS cases came from the call center industry, I still know a lot call center agents who are able to stay away from lust and still live life accordingly.   Let’s not stereotype. Don’t hate.


2. Call Center Agents do not have to battle the traffic in the Metro.

6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center

EDSA is always full of traffic, regardless.


This might be true if your work starts during the wee hours of the morning when you won’t have to worry about traffic, BUT there are higher chances of getting robbed. Either way, you lose.  Note that the majority of the call centers are still catering to US time, hence their work schedules may change from time to time, especially during Daylight Savings Time. This is why the proximity to the job is very important to prevent problems like this. Safety comes first.


1. Call Center Agents are immortal.

6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center


Enough said. Call Center Agents are not your ordinary workers; they are the front liners of the company. Despite the danger they face every day, or every time they are forced to work, they can still pull it off.  

Truth be told, that working at a Call Center is considered a decent job. I know because, I’ve worked in one.  To Call Center workers out there, what is the funniest misconception that you’ve ever experienced?  Let’s talk about them by leaving a comment below!



6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center