6 comebacks to your tita when she asks: “May boyfriend ka na ba?”

Holidays are upon us and you know what that means: family reunions.

And with every family reunion there is a tita who has absolutely no filter and will pry into your personal life and try to open it up for the entire family to see. Not only is it borderline rude, it’s frustrating and embarrassing, too.

No worries, we got you. Here are some comebacks for when even your most unsavory tita asks about your love life.

6. Ikaw po, tita, may asawa na po ba kayo?

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Throw it right back at her. Take that, tita. Being single ain’t a crime. Or you would’ve been jailed a long, long time ago.

5. Studies first po, tita!

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Make sure you sound extra tired–maybe she’ll slip a little more money in your ampao! Yes, I am a hardworking niece!

4. Masyadong mataas standards ko tita. Eh yung standards niyo po?

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This one’s risky but worth it just to see her face (just make sure you avoid your mom for a while–she might not like hearing about this one).

3. Mahina siguro sa genes, tita. Mana sa’yo.

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You run the risk of insulting the rest of the family with this one but it might just be worth it, in the end, to backhandedly insult tita!

2. Wala! Tapos oo, tita, tumataba rin ako. Sinagot ko na, two-in-one.

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Two birds, one stone. You knew the other question was coming. Why, yes, tita, tumataba ako.

1. ‘Di ako naniniwala sa forever, tita.

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Tita naman. Forever isn’t real. Why will I still pretend to find it?

Now excuse me, I need to get more roast chicken and leche flan. Merry Christmas, tita!

Which one’s gonna be your go-to response this holiday season? Let us know!