6 Affordable Products Mother Earth Will Love

mom as original seatbeltMother Earth is kind of like a real mom. She shields us from horrendous rain and flood. She wears many hats to ensure that our basic needs in this lifetime are met: nature, air, agriculture, and more. Significantly, she is also the epitome of resilience as she shines regardless of how we treat her bountiful resources.

Toyota Prius C

In color psychology, green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world. Green also represents tranquility, good luck, and health. (Toyota Prius is Hybrid- totally eco-friendly).

Toyota Prius C

This month, we celebrated Mother’s Day; but we should celebrate Mother Earth everyday. To do so, why don’t we ditch unnecessary packages like those plastic wrappers from candies, chips, and chocolates? Help Mother Earth by reducing your carbon footprint through these eco-friendly products:

6 Affordable Products Mother Earth Will Love

Healing Sleep Lotion by Bini Natural Living


Come on, let’s keep it real: people don’t get a lot of fun and sleep anymore. Sleep deprivation is prevalent and oftentimes the cause of lifestyle sicknesses like hypertension, obesity, just to name a few. As such, I’d like to introduce this lotion I got from Bini Natural Living.

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Photo from Bini Official Facebook page

I got this during The Green Fair bazaar organized by 02 Space, a co-working space in Makati. They sell organic self-care products such as healing lotion, massage oils, and natural mosquito repellant. According to Bini founders, they are dedicated to infusing the lifestyle of the modern Pinay with healthy and organic products.

Organic Makeup by Organic Tita


Pregnancy changes everything, including your body, mind, and skin. Your body becomes more voluptuous or your skin becomes more oily. Therefore, the more we put chemicals on our skin, the more it becomes frail or exposed to skin diseases. To maintain your healthy and beautiful skin, choose organic makeup products! Organic Tita’s products are 100% vegan and proudly (hand) made in the Philippines!

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Screenshot from Organic Tita Facebook Page

Organic Tita’s Lash & Brow Serum, lipstick, and blush on are all plant-based. It’s made of Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Virgin Coconut Oil.

Natural Pet Shampoo by Fetch!


Do you have puppies? Do you love pets? If so, here’s another reason to smile: natural pet shampoo!

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Fetch! is a homegrown brand that creates a complete Pet Care System entirely out of 100% Neem Extract. They sell Neem Shampoo, Neem Leave-On Rinse, and Neem Cleaner-Bug Repellant. They also have a refilling station, so it’s cheaper and sustainable!

Stylish Collapsible/Retractable Cups and Lunch Boxes by Ecoheroes


Bringing packed lunches has never been this easy, eco-friendly, and stylish, thanks to our friends from Ecoheroes!

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Someone gave me a collapsible cup as a gift too, and I love it! It’s light, easy to wash, and perfect for either hot or cold drinks! If you’re frugal, you will surely appreciate these items!

Handmade Abaca Bags by Paars Clothing


Gone are the days when people were shy to explore the world of fashion. Level up your OOTDs with these fashionable and handmade abaca bags by Paars Clothing.

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These are sturdy and built to carry all of your essentials!

Natural Loofah Soap Bars and Refillable Household Products by Refill ‘N Beyond


Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s built to protect us from ultraviolet radiation, toxic chemicals, or exposure to water. Help maintain your radiant skin with natural loofah soap by Refill ‘N Beyond!

RNBLoofah soap 1

Trust me, you will love these cute, not-too-bulky soap bars that you can use for personal use or even sell! These natural loofah soap bars are made with Virgin Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, and are infused with essential oils.

Refill ‘N Beyond is a package-free and eco-friendly store located in Makati (O2 Space) and Tagaytay. Apart from their loofah soap bars, they also sell exfoliating and malunggay soap for only P65 each! They also let you refill basic household cleaning products like dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, body soap, fabric conditioner, and more! If you want to start your own zero-waste store, they could also help you out in that department!

All of these items are affordable and can be given as gifts to practically anyone. As a mom, I would love to receive all of these gifts, especially those colorful lunch boxes! However, Mother Earth would appreciate more if we respect her, love her, and most importantly, obey her.

What did you get your mom on Mother’s Day?