6 Aesthetic Dinnerware Pieces to Get If You Love Desserts

If dessert is a huge part of your daily meals, then it only makes sense to enjoy your sweet treats in special dinnerware. It is also a great idea to stock up on cute dessert plates and utensils if you love serving your favorite sweets to your house guests.

You’ll definitely shine the spotlight on your desserts with these aesthetic pieces that are made especially for cakes, cookies, pastries, and more! Here are some of the most stylish dessert dinnerware pieces you can get on Lazada:

tier plates

Photo from Lazada

This three-tier dessert plate is a fabulous way to display your favorite cupcakes. Thanks to its three layers, it’s easier to serve pastries in bulk, and it makes the food more accessible to everyone. The plates’ design also gives off such a sophisticated vibe, especially with the gold lining around the rim of the plates. It comes in 2 and 3 tiers, and in white or emerald green colors. Buy this three-tier dessert plate here!

glass snacktray

Photo from Lazada

If you like an assortment of fruits, nuts, chocolates, and candies for dessert, this glass snack tray is a great option. It features elegantly transparent bowls for your sweets, with partitions that allow you to have a variety of food readily accessible. It also has gold accents and gold handles to easily transport your desserts from one room to another. Buy this glass snack tray here!

wooden tray

Photo from Lazada

This creative wooden tray is perfect to have if you enjoy tea time in the afternoons. The tray includes a “plate” for a slice of cake, pastries, or cookies, plus a coaster that’s attached to the side. It’s a 2-in-1 dessert plate and coaster. This is also perfect for enjoying your favorite snack and drink when you’re binge-watching your favorite shows. Buy this wooden tray here!

cake stand

Photo from Lazada

If you love experimenting in the kitchen and baking your own cakes, you should get this Nordic-style cake stand. Your cakes deserve to be put on a stylish pedestal such as this! It features a white ceramic plate and a stylish wooden stand that will make your creations instantly IG-worthy. Buy this Nordic-style cake stand here!

glass cover

Photo from Lazada

To make sure that your desserts are safe from insects and dust, this plate with a glass cover is a must-have. The stylish glass dome cover adds extra elegance to whatever dessert you have to set aside—yes, even the leftovers! Buy this dessert plate with a glass cover here!

dessert utensils

Photo from Lazada

We can’t forget about stylish utensils! You can get these gold dessert spoon and fork sets along with a gorgeous ceramic storage jar. This utensil set offers both style and function, making it a must-have in your dining room. Buy these gold dessert utensils here!

These dinnerware pieces will make your desserts a lot sweeter! For more aesthetic dinnerware, check out this store on Lazada.

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