5 Things You Need To Stop Doing

If you’re feeling you’re at a certain low point in your life or that there’s a certain weight on your shoulders, it’s probably time to re-examine yourself and what you could be constantly doing to yourself that’s unhealthy.

5. Putting other people down.

Constantly putting other people down just magnifies your own insecurities, no matter how hard you try to deny them. Putting other people down doesn’t make you better or instantly higher than them, it only makes you feel even worse.

4. Putting yourself down.

Those who are so-called “self-aware” by highlighting their insecurities and being limited by them is just bound to perpetuate a cycle of misery, by constantly being stuck in a rut. Allow for compliments and don’t confine yourself to what you think is true about yourself.

3. Living in the past.

We live in the ghost of our past and our mistakes, so we find it hard to move on and learn from them. The way we can learn from our mistakes is to accept that it happened and move forward by acknowledging that mistake and knowing that there are lessons to be learned.

2. Not knowing when to say “NO.”

We are sometimes so bent on pleasing other people and too worried about what they would think about us that it compromises our own welfare when we don’t know when to say no. It helps to put people who constantly ask for favors without being too considerate about others, in their place.

1. Worrying too much.

Live and let live. Whatever happens will happen. There are only so many things in our life that we can control, that when we worry about the things we have no power over, it just becomes a waste of energy.

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