5 Things You Missed at the Summer Siren

Didn’t grab the chance to go to this year’s Summer Siren Festival? Well, here are five things you missed out on!

Festive vibe at the beach

Festive vibe at the beach

Summer Siren is a yearly exclusive festival held at the beach. Once there, you immediately feel that unique, yet familiar festive vibe. It’s beyond words to describe, but it definitely set the mood for some groovy partying.



Along with the festive vibe came the crowd. At the Summer Siren, strangers became friends as people from different parts of the country enjoy various activities, music, and the beach for an epic three-day party.

great music

Great music

If you haven’t gotten your summer soundtrack yet, well, unfortunately for you, you missed the perfect one that should have been yours! The festival brought together some of the country’s best musicians who perfectly dished out every song that plays in your mind!


Workshops/classes by the beach

No better place to play but the beach! It’s not just about swimming and music, Summer Siren is also about free classes, workshops, and other fun and interactive activities. It’s always fun to try yoga, crossfit, poi dancing, hula hooping, and hand drumming by the beach!


fun and smooth trips

Fun and smooth road trips

Driving to Zambales is one long trip, and yet, you can enjoy it the entire time when your car is in tip-top shape. Caltex Havoline teamed up with Summer Siren for its Drive to Protection: Tune Up for the Ultimate Road Trip Experience campaign. The team drove approximately 140 kilometers from Manila all the way to Crystal Beach in Zambales. During the almost five-hour drive, the team travelled from wide and smooth highways to narrow and rough roads, and encountered several traffic jams in various towns along the way. Despite the road difficulties, the team arrived at the beach just in time for the party, proving that with Havoline, the car’s investment, engine performance, fuel economy, and even the environment are protected. 

Feeling miserable already? You still have a chance for next year!

To know more about the campaign, and Havoline, check out www.facebook.com/HavolinePhilippines


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