5 Russ Songs We Can’t Wait To Hear Live at His Manila Show

Rapper and singer-songwriter Russ is returning to Manila!

After his packed 2019 show in the Philippines, the American artist-producer will once again pour his heart out for his Filipino fans with songs that display honesty and relatable lyrics combined with eargasmic beats that make us bop our heads. 

Here are 5 Russ songs we’re hoping to hear live at his Manila show this November 5.

1. Seduce 

This viral hit ft. Capella Grey is a smooth track that aims to articulate one’s appeal and admiration of the opposite gender. The lyrics say it all. “If I seduce you, bae, will you come to take the bait?”

2. Psycho, Pt. 2

 Psycho, Pt. 2 has such a catchy melody that flows well with Russ’ fantastic rap parts. The track is also about a girl who drives him crazy, so to all the guys out there, confess your feelings now through this song!

3. Losin’ Control

 In this 2016 hit, we can feel the intimate and emotional side of Russ as he sings about a girl’s lack of trust in him. This part of the song explains the girl’s trust issues: “Cause her last relationship was a disaster, accusations every day, she didn’t know why all her calls would be ignored he’s on his own time.” Who can relate, ladies? 

4. Nobody Knows

This is one of Russ’ songs that tugged at the hearts of his fans, as he talked about mental health struggles. Behind the song’s smooth vibe is a story about heartbreak and the pressure to succeed. The level of vulnerability we feel while listening to this song? Way too real. 

 5. Missin’ You Crazy

“Missin’ You Crazy” is a song that will make you reminisce about your past love. This song will make you think about the memories you shared with that special someone, even if you didn’t end up together. AWWWWWWW. Ouch?

Ready to sing along to these tracks live? Watch Russ LIVE here in Manila on November 5 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, brought to you by Karpos Multimedia, in partnership with Random Minds.

Tickets are available at www.smtickets.com. See you there!