5 Refreshing Reasons to GO BLACK with this Activated Charcoal Drink

It’s just the end of the holidays, and I’m sure we’re all bloated with all the lechon, pasta, chicken, and fruit cakes from all the handaan. And now that it’s a new year, I’m pretty sure our resolutions have something in common: living healthy and getting fit.

You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty hard to stick to a healthy diet, especially since unhealthy food is just so good.

(Why do bad stuff feel so good?) Fortunately, there’s GO BLACK, a new detox drink that’s perfect for #OplanHealthyLiving.

Here are a few things you need to know about GO BLACK.

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5. This isn’t just an ordinary lemonade.

Yes, GO BLACK is a lemonade drink. And yes, it’s black. But don’t be fooled by its color because it’s actually a very refreshing lemonade drink.

I especially love it when it’s super ice cold—extremely satisfying.

It’s perfect to chug when you’ve just finished working out. Or, if you’re like me, it’s great even for lazy hot days just sitting on the couch.

GO BLACK is simply that familiar concoction of lemons, honey, and water, but made healthier with the infusion of activated charcoal—the next big thing for health buffs all over the world.

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4. Activated Charcoal has lots of benefits.

Nope, it’s not the uling we use for barbecues or for getting rid of nasty odors. Activated Charcoal (AC) is the ultimate toxin magnet. It absorbs all the toxins of the unhealthy food we eat—which I’m sure is a lot during the holidays.

With AC, you don’t have to worry about stuffing your face with fast food or just plain unhealthy food because all the bad stuff will leave your body anyway. It also helps improve the movement of the things from inside your stomach all the way through the end of your digestive system. No more bloated feeling after a night of overflowing food.

Every bottle will cleanse out your body from toxins, which is a great way to start the year. Who needs negative stuff anyway?

Just remember to drink GO BLACK on an empty stomach—around 1-2 hours before a meal. That way the nutrients that your body needs won’t get flushed out along with the toxins. And drink plenty of water along with GO BLACK to maximize the cleansing of your body.


3. It’s a great detox drink for everyone!

GO BLACK isn’t just a drink for health buffs or for those who actually hit the gym regularly. It’s beneficial even for those who love to party. Chugging down a bottle of GO BLACK an hour or two before drinking helps in preventing a disastrous hangover. No more bad mornings!

Or if you’re a student and the toxins you get are from the stresses of readings and deadlines, GO BLACK will help you revive that youthful glow. Say goodbye to that zombie look you sport every finals week.

GO BLACK activated charcoal lemonade drink

2. It’s proudly a local product.

GO BLACK was started by four friends in August of 2016. When they realized how hard it was to keep a healthy lifestyle, especially with the stresses going on in the world around them, they decided to come up with a drink that will help minimize life’s toxins.

Now, GO BLACK is available in four yoga studios in Makati and BGC.

What the creators are particularly proud of is that they only use the best and the freshest ingredients. And even with this, it’s not as expensive as other detox drinks.


1. It’s tasty, effective, and sulit!

One bottle of GO BLACK, which is at 350mL, is only PhP 150! Yes, you read that right. This detox drink is affordable and perfect for everyone.

It may seem too good to be true, but believe it—it’s real. Trying out even just one bottle made me feel the effectiveness of AC.

For someone who loves eating unhealthy food (I know—it’s bad) but never attempts to get fit, GO BLACK is truly heaven-sent for me. Even after numerous attempts of trying to live healthier, I never really stuck to it. But with this refreshing drink, it may be a start for a healthier me this 2017.

GO BLACK activated charcoal lemonade drink

If you’re still in the process of thinking of ways to actually live healthier this year, do yourself a favor and try out GO BLACK. I’m sure a bottle a day will make things a whole lot easier for your #OplanHealthyLiving.

It’s extremely refreshing, tasty, effective, and very affordable. It’s the complete package! What else is keeping you from living healthier this year?

This new year, make detoxing a happy habit and dare to GO BLACK.


Pick-ups available: 0906 300 3033
Also available in: Bliss Yoga Makati | YOGA+ Studios (Ortigas, BGC, Makati)
Facebook and Instagram: @goblackdetox

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