5 Reasons Why Gandiva Café and Archery Range Should Be Your Next Date Place

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

If Cupid shoots arrows to make people fall in love, maybe there really is some kind of connection with archery and hearts. So maybe, just maybe, if you and your bae get into an activity that involves shafts and bows, Cupid might be well flapping his wings around you, smiling, and taking pride on how his influence blooms and flourishes a relationship. On your next date, I advise you, cop Cupid and try your hands on archery at Gandiva Café and Archery Range.

We give you 5 reasons why you and your sweetie should give archery a ‘shot.’


5 Reasons Why Gandiva Café and Archery Range Should Be Your Next Date Place

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

5. It’s different and unique.

Couples nowadays are getting tired of the usual movie-dinner night, or the all-day-at-the-theme-park stuff. Gandiva Café and Archery Range gives you a completely different experience, all in the confines of their location at a building in Ortigas. Firstly, you’ll gain a new skill. Secondly, you can pretend to be in Hunger Games a la Katniss Everdeen (ever wonder how cool it is to be in JLaw’s place? Here’s your chance!). And lastly, you’ll see how your partner responds to this new activity that you’re into. Wouldn’t that be nice for an extended getting-to-know-you stage? Bet it would.

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

4. A healthy competition is beneficial in any relationship.

For your first hour of shooting, why not engage in a little contest? Whoever hits most number of bull’s eye will get a treat! Or just score your targets; however you want it. Unleashing your competitive side every once in a while can release the best version of yourselves. Just don’t get pikon. Remember, it’s just a game.

Gandiva (5)

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

Learn the basics of archery with their in-house coaches…and shoot away! Who’ll get to hit the bull’s eye first?

Gandiva (11)

Gandiva (14)For this round, Carlynne wins!

3. Gandiva Café and Archery Range helps you both keep fit.

Archery is a sport and you’ll get to work out your muscles here and there (especially your arms and back!). It keeps your stance in check and enhances your focus. It’s also a great therapy, as it will keep your mind off anything else and allow you to just let loose in shooting your targets. 

Gandiva (9)

Aside from archery, Gandiva Café and Archery Range also offers meat-free meals that are absolutely heavenly! This is in-line with with their commitment to promoting health, wellness, and fitness. I can attest that these are uber delicious food, cutting the common misconception that vegetarian dishes are bland or tasteless. They have also revamped their menu to serve you more great-tasting vegetarian spread you and your sweetheart can share (let me add that they have generous servings), minus the guilt!

Gandiva (1)

Gandiva (20)Start off with their pumpkin soup.

Gandiva (21)Refresh with the Lemon Spearmint Spritzer.

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

The White Pesto Al Funggi is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had! The cream cheese and pesto are the perfect match (just like you and your date <3 ).

Gandiva Cafe and Archery RangeFall in love with this Roasted Vegetable Pasta.

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

2. It can be a hobby that both of you can do together in the long run, thus making your relationship stronger.

Enroll in their classes and there will be one more thing you guys can look forward to! Seeing each other while completing your session together bonds you more as a couple. Why not join their summer workshop that will run from April 15 to May 8? That would be an incomparably enjoyable summer break with your partner!

Gandiva (16)

1. It’s exciting and most importantly, totally fun!

A vital component in a relationship is being happy with each other. Add archery to your couple-things to do and, surely, it would be one great discovery for both of you. The adrenaline that comes with the delight of both hit and missed arrows springs the feeling of being bonded in a one-of-a-kind way.

Gandiva Cafe and Archery RangeLook who’s been hit by Cupid’s arrow. :”>

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

Check out Gandiva Café and Archery Range and be bound by Cupid’s favorite pastime: shooting. Get hit by the spell of love that’s unmistakably in the air. Happy shooting!

Models: Jazon Roque and Carlynne Soriano

Gandiva Café and Archery Range
Unit 703-705 , One Corporate Center, Julia Vargas corner Meralco Aves. Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Open Mondays to Thursdays, 10 A.M. to 7 P.M.; Fridays and Saturdays, 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.
Cafe: +63 (2) 638 – 4549 ; Archery: +63 (2) 638 – 8771
Twitter and Instagram: @gandivaph



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