5 Reasons Why We Think BigDish Could be the Next Big Foodie App

For those of us who love food (and let’s face it—that’s all of us), we love it when we get more than our money’s worth. We love eating great food and we love it even more when we pay for less than what it actually costs.

Some of us take the extra step to get there – from purchasing vouchers to discount cards to going out of our way just to eat at restaurants with available promos.


Introducing BigDish, a new reservation platform app hitting Metro Manila that functions unlike any other reservation platform out there. Released only this year, this app is set to launch regionally in Asia, but makes its debut here first in Manila. This is the first app where you can book reservations in real time (no waiting required!) and of course, get a sure discount from 10% to 50% off of your total bill at no cost.

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Are these great discounts too good to be true? Don’t worry; you’re not being duped. Through its platform, BigDish has found a way to optimize the slow business hours of restaurants through increasing customer discounts for those times. The same way the airline and hotel industries sell at cheaper rates during off-peak days or seasons, BigDish aims to fill restaurants’ empty tables with hungry customers.  It’s a win-win for both restaurants and customers!

How it works

Upon opening the app, simply search for or explore and select a restaurant to dine in and the time you want to book it. Any time you choose (including peak hours) guarantees you at least a 10% discount, and you get even greater discounts if you reserve for quieter hours such as late at night — perfect for those second dinners and late night snacks. You can book it either in advance or even immediately without having to wait. You only need to fill in your reservation details before being sent an SMS confirmation and you’re good to go!

BigDish how it works

Photo from bigdish.ph

Still not convinced? Here are 5 features BigDish has up their sleeves that make it an original and must-have app:

5 Reasons Why We Think BigDish Could be the Next Big Foodie App

5. No waiting time

This is the first reservation platform that grants you reservations immediately. For sudden cravings and urges to go out, you no longer have to wait 10 or 30 minutes to confirm your reservation. So long as there are available seats in your chosen time slot, you will be accommodated.

4. Discounts are proportional to the bill, not fixed prices

This is probably the greatest innovation BigDish brings to the table. Regardless of how much you spend, you can get up to 50% off your bill. This makes it far more worth it for times you dine in bigger groups as compared to getting only a fixed cost of, say, P500 chunked off.

3. They already have a great roster of restaurants, with more great ones on the way.


BigDish_iTrulli 1

i Trulli, one of BigDish’s partner restaurants, in Bel-Air, Makati

BigDish has partnered up with a great lineup of restaurants with only one condition in mind: they have to have great food. You know you can trust that wherever you’re eating through BigDish is worth the space in your stomach.

When In Manila got an exclusive taste of what one of their restaurants, an Italian concept store in Makati called i Trulli, had to offer and we have to say, we know we’re trusting BigDish with our stomachs. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way of discovering restaurants worthy of your tastebuds, BigDish has got you covered.

2. It’s easy.

There’s no need to print out any proof of transaction or call any restaurant. No credit card, no vouchers, no minimum spend, no registration — no hassle. Just download the app and follow its user-friendly interface to book a reservation.

1. It’s free.

Cheaper food at no cost at all? No strings attached? No exclusivity? Everyone is pretty much earning money here. You’re actually probably losing money and opportunities every time you eat out without this app downloaded.

Bonus: We’re loving the cute happy and hungry whale on their logo.


I mean, just look at that.

Ready to start filling your plate?


Download BigDish for free now at the iTunes Store for Apple iOS and PlayStore for Android.

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