5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Boracay Tropics

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“Allured and afflicted with a deep sense of wanderlust I remain…..” And this week, my fervent feet propelled me to one of the best and busiest beaches in the world – Boracay Island.


I can’t really say that I’m an expert on Boracay (not yet). I’ve only been through once, about 4 years ago and for only for a few days, but I’m always happy to journey back of course (who wouldn’t?). And I guess, it was indeed high time to come back to re-discover and get to know this place which knows no lean season.


Getting there: Months ago, I was fortunate to get really good airfare rates at my favorite AirAsia Airlines via Kalibo. I thought going to Boracay via Kalibo would be a hassle, but I was told they now offer worry free transfers for only P520/head (one way) that you can even buy on-board.

Air Asia Boracay Tropics

the view going to Kalibo

the view going to Kalibo

As for my hotel of choice, a fellow traveler friend recommended I try staying at the Best Western Boracay Tropics, a Triple A resort hotel situated in Station 2. I really value recommendations a lot for very obvious reasons. Things like spacious comfortable rooms, safety and reasonable rates matter a lot to a frequent traveler like me.

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Because I’m so impressed during my stay at Boracay Tropics, I thought it would be great to write down 5 reasons why you should also make Boracay Tropics your hotel of choice when going on a Boracay holiday getaway….


  1. Safety – Safety first of course! One thing I love about Boracay Tropics is that in my 3 nights stay, never did I feel scared nor unsafe despite being a solo traveler that time. The hotel has 1 central entrance and exit as compared with other resorts that have multiple entry points. Everyone passes through their guard and only checked-in guests can come in so you need not to worry about any strangers entering the hotel. They provide 24-hour security, equipped with CCTV plus medical and First-Aid Assistance. So even if you choose to stay out all day, you won’t have to worry about your belongings.Air Asia Boracay Tropics When in Manila Mae Ilagan_-116
  2. Ideal Location – it may not be located along the beach front, but I do think their location is still ideal as they are located along the highway. You only need to do a less than 5 min walk to reach the white beach. Since it’s located along the highway, going places by tricycle is super easy! Also, since it’s not located by the beach, you get to enjoy more privacy and quiet nights, as you won’t be troubled by noisy party peeps and all-nighters who are partying at the beach like there’s no tomorrow. Air Asia Boracay Tropics When in Manila Mae Ilagan_-114
  3. Privacy and Comfort– everything I needed were all in my room. It had a bounty of breathing space, cozy, peaceful, complete with all amenities of my ideal kind of hotel. Their heater worked perfectly, didn’t encounter problems with the aircon, a  hair dryer was readily available, their wi-fi was reliable and fast and my bed was super comfortable! Even the electric sockets were placed where I wanted them to (by the bed)Air Asia Boracay Tropics When in Manila Mae Ilagan_-120Air Asia Boracay Tropics When in Manila Mae Ilagan_-2Air Asia Boracay Tropics When in Manila Mae Ilagan_-5Air Asia Boracay Tropics When in Manila Mae Ilagan_-4
    The Cabana for honeymooners

    The Cabana for honeymooners

  4. Affordable Food, Amenities and Services – Tourist places like Boracay usually have marked-up/overpriced items from food, accommodations, activities and souvenirs as the island is mostly composed of tourists and foreigners. That’s why during this trip, I made sure I brought extra cash. But to my surprise, Boracay Tropics turned out to be one of the very few hotels which offer such reasonable prices in their menu, mini-bar and even their laundry services. The items in their mini-bar were super affordable (P25-P40 only per item) as opposed to other hotels where a bottle of water would cost at least $2. I was also surprised that their laundry charge wasn’t per piece, but rather per kilo (P74/kg).  You see in other hotels, they would charge at least $2 per shirt.
    super affordable mini-bar prices

    super affordable mini-bar prices

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  5. Impeccable service – I never felt alone during my stay as the staff made sure all my needs and requests were attended to promptly and with a genuine smile. I believe that in the countless hoteliers I’ve met, I could definitely tell whether they genuinely care or just a bunch of fakes. Believe me, there are lots of those who only tend to be “nice” just because they were advised to do so by the higher management but here, with all the services which they have extended to me and by the good feedback coming from friends and readers, I consider myself lucky to experience Boracay Tropics’ signature service. You should too! 
Ms. Bhelinda

Ms. Bhelinda


Sir JP and Joemer

Sir JP and  F&B OIC, Sir Joemer


Additional Tips:

Aside from the beach, spend loads of R&R by their bean-shaped pool for maximum relaxation…

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Order lots of their Mango-Cucumber Slush – simply because it’s ultra-refreshing and you will never find this anywhere in the island.

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Try their patatim at the Tropic Café. After a couple of failed attempts to find blog-worthy dishes from station 1-3, it was both a surprise and relief to realize that I didn’t really need to travel far after all just to find decent food. According to the staff, their Patatim is one reasons why customers keep coming back. And yeah, I must agree that this Patatim sure is one lean mean piece of meat

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Whether it’s your first time or returning visitor in Boracay, be sure check out Boracay Tropics’ rates and book way ahead as they tend to be full almost all-year-round. I’m really not surprised at all, because hotels like Boracay Tropics who live up to their commitment in providing excellence in both amenities and customer service tend to be loved by loyal patrons.

Boracay Tropics – Another highly recommended hotel when in Boracay!





Station 2, Bo. Manggayad, Boracay Island Malay Aklan, Philippines

Tel: (036) 288.4034; Telefax: (036) 288.3700

F: (036) 288.3700

Email: fo@boracaytropics.com

 Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Best-Western-Boracay-Tropics/138612698021?fref=ts



Special Thanks to AirAsia Philippines!


5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Boracay Tropics