5 Reasons to Discover This Original Filipino Animation for Kids, “Miming and Friends!”

A Cat-fish, a flying lizard, and a unicorn walk into a bar, oh we mean, a channel. No, it’s totally not a dad joke. These three characters are the leads of an all-new, all-original Filipino animation that streams for free on Youtube!

Meet Miming and Friends!

miming and friends

Here at WhenInManila.com, we’re always on the lookout for fresh and original content. And here’s one that’s made right here in the Philippines.

Yes, for those who are already parents, or who have darling little pamangkins and inaanaks, you finally have another channel to show or cast that is not just eye candy for kids but carries some important lessons about our Filipino language, culture, and even food!

Or for some of us who have family and friends living abroad who would like to impart some good old Filipino values to their kids or to their friends, you might just want to visit this channel. Co-created by husband and wife tandem Ramon and Meryll del Prado, this pandemic baby was driven by a need for high-quality Filipino animation content but with a global look and feel. Aside from founding the series, they also voice Miming the Cat-fish and Buboy the Flying Lizard, respectively! Other characters are voiced by the creators’ sister and Disney alum Anna del Prado as Anacorn and real-life friends Monique Buensalido as Darling the Dugong and Chingy Nervez as Tonton the Kitong!

Here are 5 Reasons why you need to check out “Miming and Friends:”

1. They know their ABCs

Each episode is a snappy two- or three-minuter! And for the kids and kids at heart, there are easy lessons like counting, washing hands, and of course, the alphabet!

2. They’re multi-lingual! English, Tagalog and Bisaya!

It’s not just any regular alphabet though. Aside from the ABCs, Miming and Friends sing the Abakada song with Baybayin to boot! And you can learn to count in English, Tagalog, and Bisaya!

3. They’ve got snacks, Pinoy snacks

Every Filipino loves merienda. And what better way to show off our culture to Filipino kids living across the world than by sharing our puto, halo-halo, and taho? They may have their burgers and fries there but here, we have our budbod and pancit!

4. They promote values like marine conservation and sorting trash

Good values start from childhood. And that’s why this show emphasizes important lessons like keeping the seas clean and proper disposal and sorting of trash! When these habits are learned early, we can make a cleaner and healthier world.

5. They are reaching Filipinos both here and across the world

Most Filipino families know what it’s like to have members away from home. With most of our population working as OFWs, they understand that friends in these foreign places can also be your family. That is why “Miming and Friends” also welcomes true friendship among very different characters (and people).

Hungry for more? Check out their Youtube Channel!

P.S. And for eagle-eyed viewers, there are actually some easter eggs that thread the episodes together!

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