5 Places to Get Yummy Bagels in Metro Manila Right Now

Bagels don’t really get the spotlight that they deserve but we’d like to think that it’s because anyone who feels “indifferent” towards them just hasn’t tried the perfect one.

Ahead, we’ve listed down bagel shops you can find in Metro Manila that are bound to impress you—according to our readers.



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MadBagels was a pandemic business created by Isabelle who was inspired by the untimely passing of her father. “He was only craving bagels when he started to have symptoms. When he passed, my mom gave me an electric mixer to help me cope with my dad’s passing,” she shared with When In Manila.

“I stumbled upon a bagels recipe and it all started from there. I became inspired and motivated to try different recipes and it became a business afterward!”

Located in LPL Greenhills, MadBagels ensures that your orders are freshly baked upon arrival or pick-up and thus require a one-day lead time. What loyal customers love the most are their bagel bites and New York Style Bagels, though they offer 15 other varieties on their menu. Don’t forget to order their cream cheese dip too, or try one of their delicious sandwiches!

MadBagels also does monthly promotions and usually offers 10% discounts from time to time. Follow them on Instagram.

The Bake Project PH

The Bake Project PH has been around since 2017 with humble beginnings of baking oatmeal cookies and celebration cakes in a home kitchen. However, it was in 2020 at the height of the lockdown when owner Jillian Vinluan, who previously studied Culinary and Pastry Arts and worked in different kitchens before launching her own business, rediscovered her love for baking bread and began to offer loaves in The Bake Project’s menu.

“It was what we all needed at that time [amid the bread shortage]. Fortunately, everyone loved it so I decided to experiment and research more and showcase specialty bread that is not that common here in the Philippines,” Jillian shared with When In Manila.

It wasn’t long until she began selling bagels which, like the rest of her products, are made all-natural and baked in small batches.

Their best-sellers are their Bagel Sampler, which features a mix of plain bagels and mixed seed bagels, along with their Black Truffle Schmear. Their K-Garlic CC Buns are also said to be a must-try as it is a homemade Brioche Bun filled with Cream Cheese and drenched in Herb-Garlic Sauce. “I was inspired by this cause I fell in love with K-dramas and K-pop during the pandemic and the Cream Cheese Buns is a popular street food snack in Korea,” Jillian said about it.

The Bake Project will also be having a Bagel x Schmear Sale this January where you can get 5 pieces of their bagel sampler and 120g of your choice of schmear. Lead time for orders is two days with pick-ups scheduled every Friday to Sunday.

Booya Bagels


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Nowadays when you think of bagels, Booya Bagels instantly comes to mind! This local business located in LPL Suites, Greenbelt that’s celebrating its 2nd anniversary soon is focused on producing gourmet New York-style bagels that are baked fresh daily.

“Our chef’s proprietary blend of ingredients is a result of fusing tradition & innovation in order to come up with a bagel that is reminiscent of the NY water bagel but at the same time “tropical-friendly”. This formula yields a less dense bagel, with just the right amount of chew and our signature crispy top, when toasted,” owner Nikki Oropesa-Lau shared with When In Manila. “Booya Bagels’ main goal is to spark excitement among ultimate bagel fans.”

Booya Bagels’ bestsellers include the DIY Lox Box, Booya Boom Box, and the Booya Lox Bagel. Watch out for a future giveaway for their 2nd anniversary! They will also be available soon on GrabFood for long-distance delivery so anyone living anywhere around the Metro can be able to enjoy their delicious bagels

28 Derby Bakery


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Owned by Miguel Santiago, this well-loved bakery in White Plains, Quezon City was first known for its sourdough and brioche bread back in 2017. Fast forward to today, 28 Derby Bakery not only serves customers who want freshly made goods with quality ingredients but also supplies them to several restaurant groups and many other cafés and small businesses.

28 Derby Bakery’s best-sellers include their rustic sourdough loaves, brioche, milk, and potato buns, and their croissants but bagel lovers will also fall in love with their sweet and chewy 12-peso bagels!

28 Derby Bakery is in the process of moving out of its White Plains commissary to a bigger facility in Cubao and has plans of opening its first café sometime in 2024. Better watch out for that!



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Manilabake, owned by Gretchen Lim, has been around for over a decade now and has consistently sold bread and desserts that highlighted unique Pinoy flavors and ingredients. “Shining a spotlight on local produce has therefore always been vital to our product development. Our brown rice and shallot loaf uses freshly cooked brown rice and shallots from Ilocos. Our biscotti is made with locally grown and processed chocolate and whole cashews from Bataan. You’ll find black rice in our whole grain sourdough loaf, banana flour from Samar in our orange upside-down cake and we search far and wide for local wild honey for our honey cake,” Gretchen told When In Manila.

Among their sought-after baked goods are their whole grain, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, gum-free, and coconut sugar-sweetened Adlai and Rice bagels! They’re different for being a healthier variant that’s safe for all to consume without sacrificing flavor.

“Flavor comes first with us and using local whole grain is a wonderful ally to that end. Yes, adlai’s flavor in baked goods surprised us too!” Gretchen added. “They have an appealing dense and chewy yet airy texture that is a result of boiling before baking them just as is done with traditional bagels.”

Manilabake shares that they continue to experiment with other local grains and flours, and that a new product is in the works. (“Gluten-free sourdough perhaps?” they hinted.) You can find them on Instagram or place your orders directly through Viber at 09190012857.

What are your favorite places around the Metro to get bagels? Share them with us in the comments below!

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