5 Keys to Building a Successful Auto Shop

With down payments for cars easier to afford by many Filipinos, it’s no wonder the auto industry is adding 300-400 units a year on top of its 100K+ existing passenger car base.

That’s 1M a year by 2028! If you’re a business owner or someone who wants to get into an auto shop business, then this should be good news.

More cars on the road mean the same number of vehicles looking for alternatives to car dealerships. With an average of Php4K per maintenance spend, you have an almost 500M pie you can get a good bite out of for business.

If you’re one of the people who sees this opportunity, do you know what it takes to start a successful auto shop and hit the ground running? VPX ValuePlus Auto Service is here to guide any entrepreneur pursuing their auto shop dreams.

5 Keys to Building a Successful Auto Shop

1. Look for good branding.

VPX is the franchising brand of ValuePlus which has a reputable brand image in the industry as the “Casa Alternative”.  Instead of struggling to build your own auto shop brand, you can bank on the authority ValuePlus has built over the years as a brand car owners can trust.

2. Hire and train the right people.

VPX hires and trains the right people for you so you can do away with the guesswork and trial and error when it comes to your employees.

3. Shop for supplies.

VPX has its very own imported shop supplies products that they supply to their franchisee, giving you good margins.  This way, you will know that good quality is always provided to your customers.

4. Get the support you need.

Not only does VPX train franchisee’s staff during their first months of operation, they also deploy some of their key people at the franchisee’s shop to mentor and shadow their people, handholding them until they can run the shop themselves.

5. Consider a franchise system.

The “casa alternative” positioning is highlighted in every touchpoint. Every important characteristic of a competent service provider is on display, including the use of a world-class, cloud-based shop management system.

You get a strong support system that guides you every step of the way. A Zone Manager (ValuePlus employee) is even assigned at a franchisee to help you with your business.

You get a competent system and a franchiser who will take care of you. All you have to do is turn on the light on day one of your shop’s operation.

What Makes VPX Different?

ValuePlus has already established and defined its target market. They know the customers you will be catering to and that is reflected in their pricing, positioning, branding, and customer experience. When you pay for your franchise fee, you know exactly what you’re paying for. You are given access to every vendor to get you a good deal. Everything is on paper for the utmost transparency. They do what they say they’re going to do and more.

VPX is also open to existing auto shop owners who want to convert to a VPX franchisee. Pursuing quality over quantity, they’re now seeking partners in each city – one shop, one city at a time.

If you want to be the VPX in your city and succeed, call their franchising line at 02-7-358-1493 or email the GM directly at gm@valueplusph.com

ValuePlus Auto Service

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