5 Great Things I Do with My iPad (and How You Can Get One For P599 a Month)

I am a massive consumer of media. It’s both something I want and need to do, especially with the kind of work I’m doing. As one of the admins of WhenInManila.com, I must be aware of what’s happening in pop culture so I can bring the best to our readers. Because of this, I am constantly online and I always keep my ear to the ground.

One of my most-prized possessions is an iPad Mini 2. I do so much on it: I use it to read, write, watch movies and TV shows, and browse. When I feel too lazy to switch on my laptop or when I want a more immersive experience than what my smartphone is capable of, I turn to my tablet.

Here are some great things I can do with my iPad Mini, and how you can get one for P599 a month:


5. Read magazines

The reason why I have an iPad in the first place is so I can digitize my magazines. I am a glossy hoarder: I subscribe to Monocle and Rogue, and regularly buy copies of Interview, Wallpaper, and Vanity Fair. I also love going through the magazines section at Booksale, where I buy back issues in bulk. I got an iPad when I realized I had mountains of magazines in my room. I wanted to save space (and paper). I could read them on my phone, but nothing beats looking at a Mark Nicdao-shot photo on a larger screen.


Watch movies

I love to watch movies, especially old ones. There are also times when I can’t watch the newer ones in cinemas, so I rely on streaming websites to catch them. An iPad is the perfect choice to watch flicks on for when I don’t want a heavy laptop on my chest while I’m in bed. I can also use it to catch up on my favorite series.



Writers have creative ways of doing their craft: on laptops, on notebooks, on cellphones, and if battery levels are low and you forgot your notebook, on tissue paper. And as a writer for a digital space, I have to be online a lot. A phone is handy for these occasions, but I appreciate a bigger screen where I can look for pictures, watch videos, and post them. This also applies to my professional life: I interact with readers on social media, I read and answer emails, and I look for the next viral sensation. An iPad can help in any profession: it is mobile enough to be brought anywhere, and is large enough to show you the fine details.

5 Great Things I Do with My iPad (and How You Can Get One For P599 a Month) (2)

Second monitor

Whenever I use my laptop, it can get tiring to switch from tab to tab. Having an iPad on standby means I can have another screen so I can work more efficiently. Writing about the latest news in pop culture means I have to see things from different perspectives and media, so having an extra screen helps. Multi-taskers will appreciate the iPad: you can work while watching a movie.

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Play games

I’m not really much of a gamer, but I did appreciate the large screen when I played SimCity on my iPad. A phone just doesn’t cut it when you want an engaging experience in your game. This applies to all mobile games, such as Temple Run and Clash of Clans. Right now, I’m discovering the joys of using GarageBand.

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