5 Fun and Healthy Date Ideas for the Couples Who Like to Stay Fit

Words by: Miko Insame

They say couples tend to gain weight together, with all the date nights, desserts, and the movie marathons with a side of snacks. But what about the couples who like to keep things active? Whether you’re both gym rats or you just like to keep moving, here are some alternative date ideas so you and your significant other can find healthy and sustainable ways to stay fit while going on all those dates! Yes to #fitcouplegoals!

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5. Hit the gym together!

Bring out the competitive spirit between you two in a pullup/pushup/situp competition!

The most obvious alternative for those fitness fanatics is putting on your best workout clothes and working up a sweat at your local gym. There are a lot of couple-based circuit training workouts you can do together. If you want to get some heavy lifting done, you have a handy spotter available to you, plus a great supporter and motivator for when you start feeling fatigued. Believe me, nothing is more uplifting than seeing your significant other so animated and passionate when pushing you to get that last rep.

4. Go shoot some arrows!

Shoot your way into each other’s hearts!

If both of you don’t feel up for an intense and hard hitting round of training at the gym, don’t fret. Archery is one of those activities that won’t require a lot of physical exertion but will need you to have a keen eye and a steady hand. It’s low-impact, incredibly addicting and there are more and more archery ranges opening up within the metro so you have every opportunity to make this your regular thing. Bonus: you’ll even get a chance to do that cheesy “let me show you how to hold it” moment, the way they do in movies.

3. Go bouncing at trampoline parks

Get the energy up playing at these foam pits and trampolines!

A lot of trampoline parks are also starting to open their doors around the metro. Bouncing around, playing an extreme version of tag, doing flips, and crazy dunks are all part of the fun that both of you can share in these playgrounds for adults. Most trampoline parks are great date ideas in general, especially if you’re the sort of couple to be playful and not feel shy at all looking silly in front of each other.

2. Take a class together

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Find your center with your partner!

Taking a fitness or wellness class together is another great way to bond. A low-impact and relaxing way to do this is to go to a yoga class, but if you prefer a more intense, high-paced affair, barre and spin classes are popping up all over the Metro and are sure to get both of you coming back for more. Whatever your choice will be, you can be confident that bringing a date to one of these classes almost always results in a fun yet relaxed experience with your S.O.

1. Cook together

If both of you are gunning for those sweet washboard abs, remember that they’re made in the kitchen too!

Fitness is not just about your workouts, it is also the fuel you put in your body. A cute activity you can do is cook a delicious meal together, for each other, and make a date out of that. It’s a great way to bond while making the meal, and you’ll even get that great sense of accomplishment after, especially when you’ve prepared something really delicious. Even not, but just the experience of cooking and creating something with the person you love is already rewarding enough.

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Whatever you two decide to do for a date, be it a gym session, going to class, cooking, etc. what matters is that you both enjoy each other’s company. Nothing is more uplifting and satisfying than seeing your partner enjoying every second they’re doing something with you. Sure, the activity may be inherently fun in itself, but chances are they’re enjoying it more because you are there together.

So, do you guys have any alternative date ideas we haven’t mentioned? Let us know!


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